Udaariyaan 19th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Ekam finds Nehmat at the railway station

The episode starts with Ekam says Nehmat that he is waiting for her to say yes because she loves him too and asks she will say yes to him right. Nehmat stares at him thinking she may not get opportunity to see him again. She then apologises to him for going to hurt him again then walks from there. Ekam thinks himself that Nehmat is hiding something from her and thinks to see her again. He asks her to turn around to himself. Nehmat thinks herself if she turns around then she fails herself from staying away from Ekam and walks away from there. Ekam gets sad.

The next day Nehmat informs Rupy and Satti that she got a new job. Both her grandparent’s praises and blesses her. She then asks Satti to feed her breakfast saying it’s been so many days. Satti and Rupy feeds her. Nehmat gets emotional. Rupy notices it so asks her is she is under any stress. Nehmat lies no. She then hugs Satti and the latter also senses weird but didn’t ask anything.

Nehmat takes her leave but apologises to them in her heart for hiding this from them then leaves. Naaz thinks herself that Nehmat has no idea what she planned for her. Nehmat comes out of the room and gets emotional. She then prays God to give her strength to fulfilling her this plan. Nehmat trips while about to leave while Ekam senses danger and wonders whether Nehmat is fine or not.

In an auto Nehmat recalls her moments with Ekam and cries. She then asks herself to not to cry saying she has to stay strong. She then imagines Ekam by her side asking her to smile. Nehmat smiles. Ekam disappears. Meanwhile Ekam wonders why he feels that nothing is right with Nehmat. Here Nehmat sees her shawl gets stuck and the FB shows Ekam and her moments in which Ekam complains about her always trying to leave him and expresses her love for him. The FB ends.

Ekam looks at Nehmat’s photo and says may be he is unnecessarily stressing about her too much. He then decides to leave but forget his things. Nehmat prays to God for Ekam’s happiness. Renuka gives Ekam his wallet and questions him for forgetting it and also says that he isn’t someone who forget things. Ekam expresses her about how he is feeling uneasy then leaves. Renuka says that she knows well it’s not possible for Ekam to forget Nehmat. Nehmat reaches the railway station and gets shocked seeing Harman there. She prays to God to help her.

Harleen visits the Sandhu’s. She gets excited to have Kheer. Naaz makes faces. Satti and Rupy feeds her Kheer. Satti says it’s Nehmat’s favorite too. Swaroop scolds Rupy and Satti for spoiling Harleen and reminds them about doctor’s advice. Harleen makes faces. Satti suggests Harleen that they should visit temple as she made laddoo to serve. Harleen suggests that they all should go to temple. She then learns from her grandparent’s that Nehmat got a new job. Her shawl gets torn so she goes to exchange it and enters Nehmat’s room. She gets shocked not finding Nehmat’s things. Nehmat looks at the clock and says few more minutes left. She then gets worried receiving call from Harleen. She switches off her phone.

Harleen worries recalling Nehmat’s words. She then understands that Nehmat left them. She decides to tell everyone but then decides not to say anything to anyone as everyone is stressed. She then decides to call Ekam. Here Ekam receives a call from DIG who assigns him a task to catch the drug dealer who is in railway station. Ekam obliges. Here, Harleen makes some excuses and promises to go to temple with the Sandhu’s later then leaves the place hurriedly. Swaroop and Satti expresses their worry about both Harleen and Nehmat. Ekam reaches the station and assigns his subordinates their work. Inside the railway station Nehmat decides to sit somewhere else because there is 20 more minutes left for the train to arrive.

Harleen cries and asks Renuka where Ekam is. She wants to meet him immediately. Renuka gets worried and asks her what happened. Harleen says that Nehmat is nowhere and she wants to inform the same to Ekam but he isn’t answering the calls so urges Renuka to do it. Renuka obliges. Here in the railway station Ekam bumps into a guy. He decides to check his bags. The guy pushes him away and runs from there. Ekam goes behind him. The guy holds Nehmat by putting his knife under her throat and threatens Ekam to kill Nehmat. Ekam gets confused seeing Nehmat there. Nehmat gets shocked seeing Ekam.

Precap: Ekam remains stubborn asking Nehmat to make a promise to not to leave him. Nehmat makes the promise and urges him to go with her. Ekam gets stuck so he pushes Nehmat away seeing a speeding train. Nehmat shouts Ekam.

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