Udaariyaan 16th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Nehmat admits her feelings for Ekam

The Episode starts with baba ji coming to Ekam and Nehmat. He says you both didn’t go home at night. Nehmat says we won’t go until we get baba ji’s blessing. He says you will get Guru ji’s blessing. Ekam gets a message. She asks what happened. He asks her to come. They leave. Everyone meets Harleen. Jasmin asks Harleen to open eyes. Harleen gets conscious. She sees everyone. Nurse asks them to go out and take rest. Ekam and Nehmat come and ask about Harleen. Jasmin says she is okay. Rupy says she is fine, nurse said she needs rest, meet her after some time. Nehmat says we will wait. Jasmin says I will go and keep langar in Gurudwara. Nehmat asks Ekam to go with Jasmin and help her. She asks Rupy to go, she will stay back.

Everyone is seen serving the food to the people at the Gurudwara. A boy comes and holds Ekam’s hand. Ekam feeds him sweets. The boy asks what are you seeing up, did you see God. Ekam says no, but there is a big baba who said a great thing. He tells the baba’s words in poetry. The boy smiles and disappears. Ekam asks did you understand. He sees the boy missing. He smiles and thanks baba ji.

Nurse asks Nehmat to go to reception and sign the form. Doctor checks Harleen. She asks who is with her. Nurse says her family is outside. Harleen says you can tell me if there is anything imp. Doctor says it’s a bad news and I hope you will handle yourself, we got to know this during the operation. Harleen asks what is it. Doctor asks her to check her reports. Harleen checks the reports and cries. Doctor says chances are less, but we will try our best. Harleen says don’t tell anyone about the report. Doctor says but your family should know. Harleen says I don’t want anyone to know, help me to keep this confidential, thanks. Harleen thinks I can’t let this truth come out, I have to unite two people, I don’t have much time. She sees Nehmat at the door. Nehmat runs and hugs her. They cry.

She asks why did you do this, if anything happened to you then… Harleen hides the reports. Doctor says you can take her home in few days. Nehmat says I m here with you, tell me if there is any problem. Harleen says there is a big problem. Nehmat asks what. Harleen says you are the problem, Ekam loves you a lot, you aren’t ready to accept his love, you are lucky, everyone doesn’t get love, what shall I do that you say yes to Ekam. Nehmat asks what are you saying. Harleen says fine, its your decision, I wish I had died, you both would have united. Nehmat stops her. Harleen says you don’t care for anyone’s feelings, you will regret a lot if anything happens to me. Nehmat says just shut up. Harleen asks why shouldn’t I say, everyone can see it, Ekam loves you, why don’t you accept him, did you get so heartless. Nehmat says you think I can’t see his love, I can feel it, because I love him as much as he loves me. She tells about the childhood moments. She says he became Advait’s bodyguard to protect me, I can see everything, God snatched my parents and gave me Ekam, we forgot we are two different people, I m not so foolish that I don’t value Ekam, one gets everything in love, but not a true friend and true lover, I got this in the same person, he is my heartbeat, my life, my love. Harleen cries. Nehmat says I love Ekam a lot. Harleen holds Nehmat’s hand. She wipes her tears. She says I was waiting for this day, when you say that you also love Ekam a lot. Nehmat recalls Renuka’s words.

She says elders’ blessings are imp, just love doesn’t make you live life. Harleen says I will convince them. Nehmat says I always feel the lack of my parents’ blessings, I can’t make Ekam away from his mum, no, I can’t do this, I told this to you already, take rest now. She goes. Harleen says Nehmat has accepted her love for Ekam, thanks baba ji, just bless Ekam and Nehmat.

Nehmat cries. Maula mere maula…plays… Ekam prays at the Gurudwara. He thanks baba ji for giving a new life to Harleen. Harleen wipes her tears. Ekam prays for Nehmat. Nehmat thinks of Ekam. Ekam prays Nehmat says yes to their love.

Precap: Harleen says I will get you and Nehmat married, because I don’t have much time. Ekam asks what do you mean. Nehmat thinks it will be better that I go away from here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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