Udaariyaan 15th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Harleen gets shot

The Episode starts with Harleen coming in front of Nehmat and getting shot. Ekam and Nehmat get shocked. Shamsher drops the gun. Ekam asks someone to call the ambulance. The police comes. Shamsher and goons leave. Nehmat asks Ekam to do something. Ekam sees the car tyres flat. Shamsher and goons get caught. Jasmin says problems aren’t leaving my daughter. Naaz thinks she doesn’t care for me. Rupy and all come home. Jasmin asks for Harleen. Rupy says we didn’t get to know anything, I will call Ekam. He calls Ekam. He says Ekam isn’t answering. She says I will call the chief minister. Rupy gets a call and asks about the girls. The man says Nehmat is fine, but Harleen is shot. Rupy is shocked. He asks what, Harleen got shot. They all get shocked. Jasmin asks what nonsense. The man says Ekam took her to city hospital. She drops the phone. Satti asks her to calm down. Jasmin runs. Everyone follows. Nehmat and Ekam ask Harleen to stay strong, nothing will happen to her. Nehmat asks why did she come in front of her. Ekam asks Harleen to talk. He reminds her promise. Jaane nahi denge tujhe…plays… Nehmat says don’t close eyes. Ekam says I will get upset with you. Nehmat cries. The family is on the way. Jasmin says I made a big mistake by sending her here, I will not leave the person who did this, drive fast Abhiraj. Satti consoles her.

Nehmat and Ekam get Harleen to the hospital. He asks doctor to do something. Doctor says it’s a police case. Ekam says I m a police officer, treat her first. Everyone comes there and sees Harleen. Jasmin cries. Harleen is taken to OT. Satti consoles Jasmin. Nehmat hugs Rupy and cries. She says this happened because of me, bullet was shot on me, but Harleen came in front, Shamsher wanted to kill me but Harleen…

Jasmin gets angry and recalls Shamsher’s words. She says how dare he shoot my daughter. She shouts Shamsher Kapoor. She comes to police station and meets Shamsher. She scolds him. He says trust me, I didn’t do this intentionally, my son is in jail. She says I have every proof of your crimes, you are nothing more than a dog for me, I can show your status in 2 mins. She says I was shooting at Nehmat, Harleen came in between. She gets angry on him. Constable stops her. Shamsher gets angry.

Satti and Lovely curse Shamsher. Rupy also cries. Harman consoles him. Naaz thinks I wish I get rid of Nehmat too, I want to live a simple life. Ekam hugs Nehmat and consoles. Harleen’s operation goes on. Ekam gets Renuka’s call. Renuka asks about Harleen. He says yes, she got shot, pray for her. She worries. She says she made some mistakes, but she is a nice girl, she is good hearted. Ekam says I have to go. They ask about Harleen. Nurse says she had much blood loss, her condition isn’t fine. Nehmat runs outside and cries. Ekam comes to her and hugs.

She asks why did she come in front, I had to get shot and die, I can’t tolerate if anything happens to her. He says we won’t let anything happen to her, she needs us right now. She asks him to do something. He says there is one way, come with me. They both to Gurudwara and pray for Harleen.

Jasmin asks how is my Harleen. Nurse says she needs blood. Jasmin cries. Satti consoles her. Jasmin says pray for her, I will do anything for her. Rupy says you just pray with a true heart and God will listen to you. She says we will go and pray for her, ask them to save Harleen. She cries and hugs him. He consoles her.

Ekam and Nehmat serve the people and do the work in the Gurudwara. Harleen’s pulse drops. Doctor tries to revive her. Ekam prays for Harleen. Nehmat also prays. Rupy says God will bless Harleen, she is a good-hearted girl. Ekam and Nehmat think of Harleen. Nehmat wishes Harleen gets her love back. Harleen asks doctor is Harleen fine. Doctor says surgery is done, but nothing can be said, 24 hours is critical for her, she is on life support system. They are shocked. Renuka and Mallika pray for Harleen. Ekam and Nehmat also pray.

Precap:Ekam thanks Baba ji for giving a new life to Harleen. Jasmin meets Harleen. Doctor says it’s a bad news, we got to know this during the operation.

Update Credit to: Amena

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