Udaariyaan 14th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Ekam saves Nehmat from Shamsher

The Episode starts with Rupy asking Ekam about Nehmat and Harleen. Ekam says they are fine. Rupy asks him to answer. Ekam says Shamsher kidnapped Nehmat. Rupy is shocked. Ekam says even Harleen is missing. Harleen is on the way with Jasmin. Jasmin says its good I saved Harleen, now I have no fear, I will remind Shamsher what I can do. Naaz comes in front of her car. Jasmin applies brakes. She asks what are you doing here. Naaz says you kill me, you are taking your daughter and going from here. Jasmin says ask Harleen’s condition, Shamsher might have killed her. Naaz says he ousted me from the house, I had to go away from Nikhil, why did Harleen get between them. She argues with Jasmin. Harleen gets conscious. She recalls Jasmin making her drink some water. She sees Naaz and Jasmin. She thinks who is mom talking to. Satti cries for her girls. Rupy asks Ekam did you see Nehmat on the video call. Ekam says she was okay, nothing will happen to her. Rupy says my Harleen was so happy, she said this holi will be her life’s best holi, where are my girls. He cries. Ekam hugs him.

Naaz says you would choose Harleen over me. Jasmin says you are mistaken. Naaz says enough, I will ask Harleen to take back the charges, I don’t need you, I will set my life. Jasmin asks her to stop. Harleen leaves from there. They don’t see Harleen in the car. Jasmin asks where did Harleen go. Ekam calls Sukhbir and asks him to trace the call location. He says I will go and find Harleen. Jasmin comes and asks where is my daughter, what did you do with her. She asks where is Harleen. Rupy says we are worried, we don’t know about Nehmat and Harleen. She says I don’t care for Nehmat, nothing should happen to Harleen, I know Nehmat has brainwashed her. She scolds Ekam.

She argues with Rupy. She says I have come here to take my daughter, I don’t care if Nehmat lives or dies. Rupy says we couldn’t teach you anything, learn from your daughter, Harleen looks like you, but her nature is different. Jasmin says I don’t have time to listen to this, Harleen is my life, I will not tolerate if her life falls in danger. Ekam says I won’t tolerate anything wrong about Nehmat, you know what Nehmat did for her. Rupy says Advait wanted to burn Harleen alive by putting her in holika, Nehmat saved her life. Jasmin gets angered. Satti says Harleen got Advait jailed. Harman says Shamsher has become enemy of both our daughters. Ekam says Shamsher came to kidnap Harleen and Nehmat got trapped while saving her. Rupy says we have to find them. Ekam says calm down. He gets the location. He says I will reach. He says I got the location, I will go, I can’t risk your life, please update me about Harleen, nothing will happen to Nehmat and Harleen. He leaves.

Jasmin thinks Harleen made Advait reach the right place, and I will make sure that he gets rotten in jail. Nehmat is tied up. Shamsher scolds Nehmat and goes. She struggles. He says I will teach a lesson to Harleen, that Jasmin and Harleen remember always, Nehmat is my biggest weapon. Nehmat gets free from the ropes. She sees a window and tries to open it. Rupy, Jasmin and everyone try to find Harleen. Nehmat breaks the window. Shamsher asks the goons to come. They go inside and see Nehmat gone. He says she would be around, go and find her. Nehmat runs out of the window. Shamsher comes there. He says she didn’t go far, catch her. Satti and Swaroop pray. Nehmat runs away from the goons. Shamsher points the gun at her. She gets caught. He says you want to run away, don’t force me to kill you, my son is in jail and you want freedom, I can kill you and your entire family.

Ekam comes and stops Shamsher from shooting Nehmat. He catches his neck and scolds him. Ekam and Nehmat run. Shamsher asks the goons to follow. Ekam asks are you fine. She nods. He says we have to find out where is Harleen. She asks where is Harleen. Shamsher sees them and shoots there. Ekam asks Nehmat to leave from here. She says no. He says listen to me. He runs and fights the goons. She cries. She runs and fights the goons. Shamsher shoots again. She gets scared. Ekam asks her to run away. Shamsher and Ekam fight. Goons catch Ekam. Shamsher picks the gun and shoots Nehmat. Ekam shouts Nehmat.

Precap: Harleen is in hospital. Doctor says its critical time for her, she needs prayers, not medicines. Ekam prays in Gurudwara.

Update Credit to: Amena

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