Times when Kashmera Shah made it to the headlines for wrong reasons

It is now very well known that there are issues between Kashmera Shah and Govinda’s wife Sunita Ahuja. There has been friction between the two.

Kashmera Shah

MUMBAI : Kashmera Shah, who made her mark in a number of TV shows and Bollywood films was recently trolled for her behavior in front of the paparazzi. She posed for the shutterbugs and could barely hold her balance. Many thought she was drunk and later when her hubby comedian/actor Krushna Abhishek came out to get her, she pulled him and kissed him on the lips. Netizens trolled her for her behavior and were shocked.

This isn’t the only time when Kashmera Shah made headlines. Kashmera has been involved in controversies many times for various reasons.


It is now very well known that there are issues between Kashmera Shah and Govinda’s wife Sunita Ahuja. There has been friction between the two.

Families have both, love and bitterness. However, the bitterness in this family has come out of the boundaries of their house and now, people are talking about it.

Once, Sunita had called her a bad daughter-in-law. Before this, Kashmera Shah had asked in front of the cameras, “Who is Sunita? I do not know.” Govinda’s family came to know about this and it made Sunita very angry. In an interview, Sunita Ahuja has said that the tension in the house began after they brought a spoiled daughter-in-law into the house.


After this interview, the distance between the two families have only kept on increasing. Things started when Kashmera once tweeted that there are people who dance for money. Govinda’s family thought that this is pointing towards Govinda.

Recently, there have been a few controversies. One of them was when she commented on Uorfi Javed, saying that she is only famous on Instagram and not in real life. When Uorfi was asked about it, she responded with a taunt, saying that Kashmera isn’t famous anywhere.

Kashmera was also in a controversy recently where her lost her balance and her hubby Krushna Abhishek came to help her. She kissed him on the lips and the people misunderstood that she was drunk.

However, later, she clarified saying,  “Yes, I know people thought I was heavily drunk and therefore could not stand properly. The real reason was I was jetlagged. I had just returned from LA, reached home, and then went to the party, so I could barely stand. I did have a glass of wine so if that made me tipsy, I wouldn’t know.”

Kashmera further added, “Yes, I was pulling my husband towards me and indulging in PDA because I had not met him for a long time. It was almost 3 weeks and I missed him very much. I was PDA-starved and that’s why I kissed Krushna at the party publicly. I was also missing my kids. Next, we are planning to go to LA again soon for a holiday.”

Earlier, when Bigg Boss 15 fame Shamita Shetty and Tejasswi Prakash’s tiff had taken place, many celebrities took to social media to slam Tejasswi Prakash. Kashmera Shah also joined the list to support Shamita.

Kashmera took it to Twitter, slamming Tejasswi for her comments on Shamita and for mocking her for coming on the show thrice to compete for the BB Trophy.

Kashmera Shah always tries to be vocal about matters that make controversies. When television couple Nisha Rawal and Karan Mehra were going through a rough patch, it became buzzing news where Kashmera joined in to take a stand and also later cleared her stand on the matter.

Nisha Rawal had accused Karan Mehra of assaulting her. Karan Mehra had said that Nisha Rawal smashed her head herself to frame him so that she can take alimony from him. Kashmera Shah took to Instagram where she made her stand clear in the domestic violence matter. Kashmera shared a picture of Nisha, Karan, and their son Kavish, and expressed her concern towards their son as she felt that he was the one suffering the most in the fight.

Kashmera has always been vocal about her opinions.

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