Teri Meri Doriyaann 24th March 2023 Written Update: Angad misbehaves with Sahiba

The episode starts with Angad saying to Garry that his life is destroyed and he is feeling suffocating. He says you can’t understand my pain. Garry says he can feel his pain. He asks Angad to forget his pain by drinking wine. Angad says he remembers what happened whenever he sees Sahiba and he breaks the wine glass and says it won’t make him forget his pain. Garry says I’m just asking you to control your pain drinking wine and punish Sahiba and Seerat for their betrayal. Angad drinks wine and says he will punish them. Garry smirks.

Sahiba cries in her room. Someone knocks on the room. Sahiba opens the door and sees Manveer. Manveer says to Sahiba to not think that they accepted her and the jewellery you got at reception is just for the function and you don’t have value to have them. Sahiba returns the jewelry and rebukes her. Manveer says you’re mocking me and don’t think that you will have a relationship with this family and Angad as you don’t deserve it and I won’t let you have any relationship with Angad.

Garry instigates Angad against Sahiba asking Angad who is Sahiba that she always insults Manveer, Akaal, and Jabjyot infront of everyone. Angad drinks heavily in anger. Garry tells Angad that he has fallen into Sahiba’s trap and she stole your love.

Manveer takes jewelry from Sahiba. Sahiba says she is not the one who steals things and she will have what belongs to her and trust me I don’t like to have any relationship with your son and I trust god and he knows that I’m innocent and he will decide my fate. She returns the bangles and asks her to check if she receives all things or not as she doesn’t trust her. Manveer asks her to not tell her what she has to do. Sahiba asks Manveer to not worry and promises her that she won’t interfere in Angad’s life. Manveer is about to leave. Sahiba asks Manveer if she can promise her that her son won’t interfere in her life and won’t cross his limit. Manveer asks her to stop pointing at her son.

Garry says to Angad that Sahiba is the mastermind behind everything and you need to punish her to make her remember it lifelong. Angad leaves in anger. Garry thinks he instigated Angad internationally against Sahiba and in this way Sahiba will forget about 7 days challenge.

Manveer says to Sahiba that she trusts her son and he won’t do anything wrong so I don’t need to promise anything. She says you agreed to marry my son according to your plan but don’t worry I won’t let my son’s shadow fall on you. She leaves locking Sahiba’s room from outside. Veer sees it and feels sorry for Sahiba. Angad holds Veer’s shoulder and asks where is Sahiba. Veer says you’re drunk so it’s not the correct time to meet her and asks him to come with him but Angad refuses. Inder comes there and sees his son’s state.

Jabjyot complains to Akaal about Sahiba’s ways. Inder calls Akaal and congratulates him sarcastically for turning one more person in the family into an alcoholic and cuts the call. Jabjyot asks whose call it’s. Akaal doesn’t reveal it and goes out of the room.

Angad goes to Sahiba’s room in a drunken state without listening to Veer. Sahiba asks Angad why he came. She notices he is drunk and warns him to stay away and asks why he entered her room at this time. Angad asks if she doesn’t know. He closes the door. She asks him to open the door. He walks towards her and pins her to the wall. He says he can do whatever he wants to do and asks who’s she to question him. Sahiba turns her face in irritation. Angad says I came here to show you it’s risky to have enmity with me. Sahiba asks him to leave her. Angad holds her and says it’s what you wanted and we are married and today is our suhaagrat. Sahiba gets shocked. She asks him to leave her otherwise. Angad says you already spoiled my life and now I will make you regret it. He tries to force her. Sahiba pushes him and warns him to stay within his limits and says he made her life hell. Angad says you don’t know what is real hell but now you will know it. He holds her tightly. She pushes him and says she will expose him in front of his family. Angad falls on the floor and says to Sahiba that he loves her in tears. Sahiba gets shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sahiba makes Angad sleep on the bed. She puts a blanket on him and is about to leave but he holds her hand which makes her fall on him.

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