Teri Meri Doriyaann 21st March 2023 Written Update: Seerat threatens Garry

The episode starts with Inder commenting about Sahiba to Manveer. Jasleen tries to talk to Manveer but Manveer doesn’t talk to her and leaves. Garry asks Jasleen to just leave Manveer. Jasleen says to Garry if she wants to betray Manveer again then she needs to win her trust. Jasleen says her real win is only when they can make the whole family believe that Angad isn’t capable to handle this business and they give that responsibility to him. A guest greets Jasleen and she leaves from there.

Seerat calls for Garry. Seerat sees Angad and dreams of doing an engagement ceremony with him. Seerat comes to Sahiba and accidentally drops the tray. Angad seeing the glass breaking pulls Sahiba towards him. Seerat comes out of her day dream and tries to take the tray away. Garry stops Seerat from leaving and asks Seerat to clean the glass shards. Seerat cleans the glass shards while having tears in her eyes. Garry sees the colour on his hand. Garry understands that Seerat came here in disguise as a waiter. Seerat tries to leave but Sahiba stops Seerat and tries to talk to her. Garry intervenes in between them and distracts Sahiba. Garry takes Seerat away from there. Garry takes Seerat to a side and asks Seerat why did she come here in disguise? Seerat says she came here to meet him. Garry asks Seerat to leave from here. Seerat says she has a lot of questions and she wants answers for them.

Sahiba asks Veer where was Garry at the time of wedding. Veer says there was a fire accident in the work shop and they couldn’t send Angad so they sent Garry to handle it. Sahiba feels suspicious of Garry as he took the waiter away.

Garry says to Seerat that he will answer all of her questions when the time is right and asks Seerat to leave from here. Garry runs into the inspector. Garry invites the inspector to have some drinks. The inspector says he is on duty. Garry asks inspector why did she come here? The inspector says they came here to talk to Sahiba as she filed complaint a missing persons report on Seerat. Garry asks the inspector if he has any information on her. The inspector says yes and says he couldn’t share it with him and says it is protocol.

Gurleen says to her family that their doubts have been cleared and says Sahiba is looking really happy. Jabjyot also comments on Sahiba and praises her.

Garry tries to stop the inspector but the inspector says he isn’t going anywhere and leaves from there. Garry comes and says to Seerat that now the police are also involved and says it will create a big nuisance if she is found here. Seerat asks Garry why is he this scared and asks Garry if he still wants to hide it from everyone. Seerat says she will go to the police and tell them everything that happened till now. Garry feels tensed.

Akaal says to Jabjyot, Manveer, and Inder that he realised in the first meeting itself that Sahiba is different. He says it’s all god’s wish. Inder mocks him. Akaal says he knows how to differentiate between good and bad. Manveer says every time I accepted your decision as god’s wish but this time you took the decision in a hurry in the Sahiba matter and don’t know what magic Sahiba did on you and Gurleen. Manveer says time will say if Sahiba is correct or not but I and Angad saw her real face and time will make you guys see it. The inspector comes there with his team and greets Sahiba. Everyone feels tense.

Sahiba thinks why Inspector comes here? Angad asks the Inspector if everything is fine. Seerat escapes from there. The inspector says he comes for some inquiry. He takes him aside and says he came to enquire about Seerat’s missing. Angad feels dizzy. Sahiba supports him on time. The inspector asks when he last saw Seerat. Family members come there. Manveer says they are not related to Seerat and asks him to enquire at Seerat’s place. The inspector says last night Sahiba raised the complaint so they come here. Prabjyot and Hansraj ask Sahiba how she can go to the police station which their house ladies never did. Media people see the Brars family with the police and decide to know what’s happening. Akaal asks Veer and Gurleen to manage the guests. Angad asks Sahiba if she comes to reception to humiliate his family. He says I should have understood it before.

Episode ends.

Precap – Angad will say to Sahiba that from when she came to this house she is acting like a messenger of truth but the truth is that she is cheater and swindler. Sahiba questions Angad that he is calling her a liar then what about them as they are trying to show the whole world a lie. Sahiba gives clarity to Angad that she didn’t plan all this drama to marry him. Sahiba says she is not even interested in talking to him.

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