Teri Meri Doriyaann 1st April 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Akaal saying to Sahiba that if husband and wife are not together then there is no use of this ritual. Sahiba says Angad will never agree to this. Manveer makes a comment on Sahiba. Angad says to Akaal that he will go to Sahiba’s house to do the Pagbere’s ritual. Manveer asks Angad if he is out of his mind? Angad says his mind is sound and says Sahiba asked something for the first time after coming to this house. Angad says it is his duty as a husband to fulfill Sahiba’s wish. Hansraj and Jasleen don’t understand what is happening here. Akaal says to Sahiba now they can both go to Sahiba’s house. Akaal asks Sahiba to get ready. Manveer asks Angad that she wants answers and asks Angad why is he going to Sahiba’s house? Angad says to Manveer that Sahiba and Angad’s marriage might not have connected by heart but they are married so he has to fulfill this small wish of Sahiba. Sahiba thinks from when did Angad start thinking about her. Manveer objects to Angad’s decision. Angad says he already took his Decision. Prabjyot complaints to Jabjyot about Sahiba having an affect on Angad. Angad asks Sahiba not to mind other people’s words and asks Sahiba to get ready for going to her birth house.

The children come and say good bye to Sahiba as they are leaving. Angad apologises to them as he misbehaved with them earlier. The children forgive Angad and tease him. The children praise Angad and Sahiba saying they look perfect together. Veer thinks Angad came out of his grief.

When Kirat is about to take the kids away. Jasleen stops Kirat from leaving. Seerat is shown to be roaming in the road thinking of where can she go.

Jasleen says to Kirat that she is looking exactly like Sahiba’s sister Kirat. Seerat looks at the menu in the hotel and thinks she doesn’t have the money to order anything. The waiter in the hotel sends her away as she isn’t ordering anything.

Jasleen tries to take off Kirat’s moustache but Veer stops Jasleen and says she is mistaken. When Kirat tries to leave Manveer stops Kirat from leaving. Angad convinces Manveer and allows Kirat to leave. Jasleen asks Angad why is he allowing Kirat to leave from here? Angad says he doesn’t want anymore drama as today is an auspicious day. Akaal agrees. Sahiba thinks what is going on in Angad’s mind? Angad asks Sahiba for the Prashad. Sahiba goes to bring Prashad. Angad thinks he is going to make Sahiba so confused and catch Seerat red handed. Angad takes Prashad from Sahiba.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sahiba will ask Garry how many mirchi will he have in his tea. Garry says he doesn’t have that his days aren’t that bad that he has to take her tea. Sahiba makes a comment and says he is always missing. Sahiba questions Garry that he went to look over factory fire on Angad and Sahiba’s marriage day right and asks Garry about the factory. Sahiba reminds everyone about the challenge that she will find out who eloped with Seerat.

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