Teri meri doriyaann 15th March 2023 Written Update: Manveer slaps Jasleen

The episode starts with Sahiba reminding Jasleen about what she said that day. Jasleen stays silent. Sahiba seeing this reminds Jasleen that Twinkle was also there at that time. Sahiba decides to call Twinkle to reveal Jasleen’s deeds. Jasleen seeing this stops Sahiba from calling Twinkle. Jasleen says to Manveer that at that time she asked Sahiba to dress as a bride so that their family will not be humiliated. Jasleen says to Manveer that when she went to look for Seerat she couldn’t find Seerat at that time. Jasleen says she has done what she thought right at that time.

Sahiba sees that Jasleen is spinning the story her way and tries to tell what really happened but Jasleen asks Sahiba to shut up and asks Sahiba to complete what she has to say. Jasleen says to Manveer she didn’t have a choice. Jabjyot comments on Jasleen’s deeds. Jasleen explains to Jabjyot that whatever she did is for saving their family’s reputation. Jasleen says to Jabjyot that Sahiba assured her that Seerat will be back and Kirat will go and find Seerat.

Jasleen also reminds Santosh that she begged her to not reveal the truth to the Brar’s. Jasleen says they decided that Sahiba will dress as the bride and when Seerat comes they will replace Sahiba with Seerat but before that Sahiba took off her Gungat and showed her face and she didn’t give a chance to Jasleen to explain to her family. Angad says to Jasleen that she shouldn’t have believed their crocodile tears. Sahiba comments on Angad’s words and says now it is proven that one of his family members is also a part of the replacement of the bride. Sahiba dares Angad to call the police. Angad stays silent.

Manveer blames Jasleen for destroying Angad’s life. Jabjyot reminds Manveer that they should not insult family members infront of others. Jasleen thinks to herself that she is going to make Sahiba pay for what she did. Sahiba asks Santosh to leave from here and never come here as they will only insult her. Sahiba also comes and says to Angad that there will come a day when she is going to make him respect her family just like he respects his family. Angad says it will never happen. Angad comes to Santosh and asks her to leave the house. Santosh takes her leave. Sahiba stops Santosh and asks Santosh to not tell what happened here in the house. Santosh agrees and leaves from there.

Manveer stops Jasleen from leaving and asks Veer to go inside his room. Veer leaves from there. Manveer asks Jasleen to tell the truth of why she did it? Jasleen still says the same thing. Manveer slaps Jasleen but when Manveer tries to slap again Jabjyot stops Manveer. Manveer asks Jabjyot why is she stopping her and asks if she is seeing the difference between the daughter and daughter in law? Jabjyot reminds Manveer that she would never do that. Manveer complaints to Jabjyot that Jasleen saw the difference and asks Jasleen to say the truth. Jasleen says Angad is like her own child. Manveer comments on what she said and reveals her true motive to everyone saying Jasleen wanted to take revenge on this family as this family not supported her when she wanted to take a divorce. Manveer says when this family sees that Angad’s life being destroyed she wanted to enjoy it. Jabjyot consoles Manveer.

Ajith and Kirat worry about Santosh going to the Brar mansion. They see that Santosh and Kulche also brought the gifts that she took. Ajith and Kirat ask Santosh what happened at the Brar mansion? Santosh lies to them. Ajith asks Santosh how is Sahiba?

Episode ends.

Precap – Veer will say to Sahiba that Angad isn’t a bad guy and he loves everyone.

Angad says to Inder that he fell in love for the first time and he dreamt of having her in his life but she shattered his dreams.

Veer says to Sahiba that a day will come when the curtain of hate between them will be gone then she will see Angad’s true face and only love and care will the there and noting else.

Manveer says to Akaal that they should cancel the reception. Angad comes and says to Akaal that he has an important announcement to make in tomorrow’s reception and says the reception shouldn’t be cancelled for any reason.

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