Teri Meri Doriyaann 10th April 2023 Written Update: Santosh and Ajit throw Sirat out of the house

The Episode starts with Sirat accusing Sahiba of backstabbing her whenever she gets a chance. Sahiba slaps Sirat in return for her accusations. Sahiba and Sirat hear the sound of utensils breaking and they see Ajit and Santosh looking at Sirat. Sirat tries to slap Sahiba for slapping her but she defends herself. Sahiba asks to stop and says Sirat forced her to do things which she does not want to do in her life.

Sirat complains to Santosh that Sahiba slapped her and asks Santosh to do something. Santosh slaps Sirat and tells Sirat that she should have done this from the beginning. Sahiba tells Sirat that she is in pain after eloping with someone. Sirat asks Sahiba not to lecture her on right and wrong and says she knows her true colors. Sahiba questions Sirat that who was she with whom she eloped and is suspecting her own family members. Sirat makes a remark and says she will see him later. Sirat tells Santosh that she has not eaten food since yesterday. Sirat tries to go to her room but Santosh stops her and throws Sirat out of their house. Sirat tries to calm her down. Sirat reminds Santosh that she is his daughter and he should support her and not Sahiba. Santosh says he is supporting Sahiba as she is his daughter. Santosh tells Sirat that he is ashamed as she has given birth to a person like him.

Sirat accuses Sahiba of molesting Santosh and being against her. Santosh asks Sirat not to accuse Sahiba. Santosh makes fun of Sirat and shows Sirat the difference between Sirat and Sahiba by showing Sirat and Sahiba’s hands. Santosh shows Sirat’s hand and says she did not do any work in her whole life and says Sahiba worked her life for this family. Santosh says that because of Sirat, he didn’t even take care of Sahiba and Kirat properly. Santosh asks Sirat to leave. Sirat makes a remark. Ajit tells Sirat that she is dead to them and asks her to leave. Sirat reminds Ajit that she is his first daughter and says that she is very remorseful for her actions and apologizes to Ajit. Sirat says she could not come here due to circumstances. Sahiba asks Sirat what is the situation. Sirat hesitates to speak the truth and remains silent.

Sahiba asks Sirat with whom she eloped. Sirat apologizes to Ajit and asks Ajit to let her stay here. Ajit shows this and says Sirat will never tell them who that person is. Ajit throws Sirat out of the house. Sahiba stops Ajit and asks Ajit if he was not worried about Sirat when she eloped with someone. Sahiba requests Ajit to allow Sirat to stay here. Santosh advises Sahiba against it but Sahiba does not listen to Santosh and asks Ajit to let Sirat stay here. Santosh asks Kirat to pack Sahiba’s bag. Santosh tells Sahiba that he should go to Brar Haveli as Angad is hurt and asks Sahiba to take care of Angad. Sahiba says she will stay here for the night. Santosh takes an oath to leave Sahiba. Sahiba agrees to go to the Brar mansion and asks Santosh not to throw Sirat out of the house. Ajit asks Sahiba not to worry about things here and asks Sahiba to take care of Angad.

Episode ends

Precap – Sahiba will tell the audience that Angad is not such a bad man. Sahiba says that she is going to expose one of Angad’s family members in the coming episodes.

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