Teri Meri Doriyaan 7th April 2023 Written Update

Agad suffers a back sprain after lifting heavy weight and writhes in pain. Sahiba tries to help him, but he refuses her help. Ajith asks if he can help him and help him stand up. Sahiba forcefully supports him and asks Ajith to let her help Angad. Angad fumes in anger. Sahiba takes him to the room, makes him lie down and tries to check his back. Angad laughs and asks not to touch her there as he feels tickled. She laughs and then apologizes. Keerat brings ice pack. Angad refuses. Sahiba warns him to lie down silently, applies ice pack on his back, and asks Keerat to call the doctor. Angad says there is no need for doctor as he doesn’t trust their doctor. Sahiba says he consider their family and their doctor fake. Keerat says Dr. Sood is not fake but nek/kind. Sahiba continues to scold Angad. Santosh brings warm oil for Angad, blames her inauspicious for the trouble faced by people around her, and says its also his mistake that he lifted heavy weights. Angad asks everyone to go and let him rest.

Manveer gets restless when she doesn’t get Angad call and thinks fraud Mongas must have done something. Japjyoth asks her to relax as Angad can take care of himself. Manveer repeatedly calls Angad. Sahiba picks call. Manveer shouts how dare she is to pick Angad’s call. Sahiba says Angad is sleeping. Manveer continues to shout. Sahiba says Angad got injured. Manveer continues to hurl abuses to Sahiba. Sahiba disconnects call. Manveer informs family about Angad’s injury and blames Mongas. Hansraj provokes her. Manveer with Hansraj rushes towards Sahiba’s house. Japjyoth fears Manveer will create a drama there.

Angad continues to writhe in pain. Sahiba suggests him to return home where he will feel good. Angad refuses. Keerat fixes a mosquito net around his bed. Angad asks what is it. Keerat says a rich man doesn’t know about mosquito net. Angad asks her to remove it as he is feeling suffocated. She removes it taunting him. Santosh spreads smoke to ward off mosquitoes and continues her drama. Angad asks her to leave and continues to fume. Sahiba walks in with a ointment. Their nok jhok starts. He agrees to let her apply ointment on his back after much argument. Manveer with Hansraj reaches Shimlapuri and searches for Ajith’s house. She notices a blanket wearing woman/Seerat and asks if she knows Ajith’s house. Hanraj asks her not to ask a beggar. Manveer asks him to stop as she is already tensed and continues to question Seerat.

Precap: Sahiba applies balm on Angad’s back.
Manveer walksin and stands shocked. She accuses Mongas of conspiring against Angad and asks him to return home with her. Angad says it was just an accident. Seerat calls Garry and says she is coming to Brar mansion.

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