Teri Meri Doriyaan 28th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Keerat Comes To Meet Sahiba

Akaal asks Japjot what permission Sahiba must have asked from them. Japjot says she doesn’t know, she just doesn’t want any more drama in her house. Akaal hopes so. Sahiba brings her drawn Babaji’s painting. Japjot and Akaal get happy seeing it and praise her art. Sahiba asks if she can fix this painting in prayer room. They both happily permit her. Manveer tells Angad that she had to bent her head in front of everyone because of him. Angad recalls apologizing Sahiba and determines to expose her once Seerat is found. Manveer asks him not to burn himself like yesterday because of Sahiba. Angad says he will never forget what happened yesterday, now only Seerat can change everything.

They both notice Sahiba carrying a Babaji’s painting and asks where is she going. Sahiba says to prayer room. Manveer says she can’t go there and says he drama won’t work again. Sahiba asks what kinda drama she is taking about. Manveer says she shouldn’t thinking her victim drama will work again. Sahiba says she just wants to fix babaji’s painting in prayer room. Angad asks with whose permission. Akaal with Japjot enters and says with her permission. Manveer says they can’t allow an outsider enter prayer room. Akaal says god doesn’t interferentiate between anyone, Manveer should stop her hatred and act wise. Angad murmurs she started her drama again. Sahiba says she is not doing any drama and says they are rich, but don’t have place for a god, she is going to keep babaji’s painting in storeroom. Manveer complains Akaal that Sahiba wants to keep Babaji’s painting in a place where nobody wants to visit. Sahiba leaves ignoring her. Manveer fumes that Sahiba is crossing her limits and arguing wit her, she will have to teach her a lesson.

Sahiba decorates store room as a prayer room. Veer and Prince walk in and praise her art. Gurleen walks in and says Darji praised her painting so much that she couldn’t control herself and came to see it. Sahiba shows painting and art. Gurleen also feels mesmerized with her art. Gaurd informs Angad and Manveer that a few kids want to meet Sahiba. They both warn guard to not let any strangers in as only their relatives and friends can enter their house. Keerat disguised as Sardar Kartar Singh walks in children and insists to meet Sahiba. Angad and Manveer start their usual arrogant behavior and warns them to get out of their house. School teacher joins them and introduces themselves. Hansraj joins Manveer and Angad and start badmouthing about Sahiba. Children get angry and warn them stop badmouthing about their sahiba didi. Seerat and Hansraj’s argument starts. Sahiba walks down hearing children calling her and gets happy seeing Keerat, but stops seeing Angad and Manveer.

Precap: Sahiba sings a religious song during prayers. Angad’s detective calls him and says he tracked Seerat’s location.

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