Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 31st March 2023 Written Update

Episode starts with appreciation of the Samir by judge. Then she calls Veer on the stage to perform. When Isha goes to tell Veer about her mother, then he is called by the judge. Malini also appreciates Samir for his poetry performance. They talk about Sudha and Isha’s adoption. Samir can’t process that Sudha can be Isha’s mother. Then Samir is called to come on the stage.

Veer appears on the stage, and shows his amazing performance. The audience becomes excited to see Veer. He shows her the magic to the judge and makes all the audience to the statues. Veer comes closer to Isha and gifts her some flowers. Veer flaunts his capability. Judge becomes so impressed, that she can’t say word. No one could believe his magic. Then the judge announces the name of Armaan. Armaan dances with the judge himself.

Seeing the dance, Veer recalls his own dance with Kavya. He still suffers for his unrequited love. Later, judge announces three quarter finalists. Samir, Veer and Armaan are selected for the final round. Laksh is eliminated. Suddenly, a man proceeds to Isha but he is stopped by Armaan. Armaan interrogates that man why did he come. He says he has something to say to Isha. Armaan ties him up. Armaan is eliminated from the competition.

In the final round, Judge asks the left two contestants about their interessting love life. The judge asks Samir whether he ever cheated someone or lied to his beloved, Samir says he was very devoted in his love, when he is asked more details, Samir says her name is Sudha but she is no more. Judge apologies to him. On the other hand, Veer says his own love story. But what story he describes is about Sudha. The description of Sudha makes angry Samir. The judge announces the winner as Veer Oberoy.

The judge awards the winner Veer Oberoy, she also reminds the rules of the funding system. In the last of the competition, again Veer and the judge dance. Later, Veer is confronted by Isha. Isha confesses to Veer that Sudha was his mother. Isha expresses her agony and grudges to Veer. She feels like she is betrayed. She withdraws the friendship with Veer.

Precap: the stranger again comes to Isha to give her the information of her mother but after some time he is murdered. In the night, Isha is called by her mother.

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