Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 29th March 2023 Written Update: Malini assumes the wife of Samir is the mother of Isha

Episode starts with the assumption of Isha about her history. Armaan gives her some light that may be they will indentify her real mom. Isha expresses her mixed feeling as she don’t know how would she face her real mom. Armaan asks about Samir’s wife death mystery, but Isha couldn’t say anything properly. They want to search about the mother of Isha. Isha seems very puzzled what should she do. Armaan hugs her and comforts her. Isha asks Armaan about Veer whether he is alright. Then Armaan leaves the place.

Here, in a party, Veer, being intoxicated, wishes for more human blood. He spends her time with other girls. Armaan reaches in the party and confronts him why is he doing all these. Armaan alerts him about the Secret party. Armaan wants talk with him personally. Veer agrees to do that aside. They start to talk about some past incidents. Armaan asks Veer about Sudha, whom Veer killed many years before. Veer says he doesn’t remember any of his murder cases. After sometimes, Veer blames Armaan for the past history and refers Armaan as a the traitor. Armaan is accused for betraying Kavya. Veer says he has lost all his hope and light of life, now he is totally careless about anything and everything. He leaves the place.

Samir and Malini spends their good time together. She offers to go for a date. Samir hugs seeing her close. Meanwhile, Malini tells her about Sudha, as she assumes Sudha, Samir’s wife, is the real mother of Isha. But Samir can’t link up those links. Hearing this news, he becomes offended as Sudha never conceived. If Isha is the daughter of Sudha, that defines Sudha cheated him or she lied him. Angrily he runs from the scene. Later, Samir meets Armaan. Armaan tells Veer of their assumption of Isha’s adoption history. Samir can’t accept the news. Samir is very offended on Veer as he doubts Veer is main murderer of Sudha. Armaan forbids Samir to tell anything to Isha, if she learns about the murderer of her mother, she will break down.

Here, Laksh and Cherry watch a cricket match in the television. Cherry feels irksomeness to watch the cricket match, but Laksh loves cricket. After sometime, when they start romancing, they were seen by Laksh’s mother. Laksh mother comes home after many days and he is asked about many things.

Isha reaches a home, where she goes to meet Trisha Gupta. Isha asks her about Sudha and learns that Isha is the daughter of Sudha. Trisha doubtfully welcomes Isha. They both start to continue their conversation about the incidents of Sudha. Isha also questions about Sudha’s education and lifestyle. Trisha says that Sudha got the scholarship for the Delhi University and she left the the town.
She informed someone of Isha’s arrival through message. Later, Trisha will be killed.

Samir recalls the memories of Sudha. Sudha one day talked about the Landslade, how they werewolves used to kill the human being, but he didn’t believe.
Episode ends.

Precap: Isha, Veer and Armaan dance together in a party and they look cheerful.

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