Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 28th March 2023 Written Update: The Grandmother of Mahek doesn’t respond anymore

Episode starts with a turmoil in the forest. Armaan and Veer both don’t find out Kavya anywhere. Veer is reluctant to go outside. Getting nowhere, he becomes restless. Isha runs to the cave, and requests Veer to come outside as the door will close very soon. Here, Yogini tries their best to hold the door open. Finally, Veer Armaan come outside. The grandmother looks very weak, she is taken by Mahek in her home.

Veer recalls the days with Kavya when he asked why did want him as a werewolf. When Veer was not transformed in a werewolf, Kavya pushed him to be a werewolf. She excuses that she doesn’t want to lose Veer that’s why she wants Veer as a werewolf. She gives the logic behind her wish, she doesn’t want to live alone. Veer believed in her words.

Recalling the memories, Veer becomes more devastated. Veer has been suffering for many years. Armaan tries to jerk Veer. Veer is asked to forget Kavya but he is not ready to grasp this truth. They both start fighting. Armaan also hits Veer. When they continue their fighting, Veer blames Armaan for the broken heart. They both become more cruel to each other and transform themselves in their original form.

Isha comes in the midst of their turmoil and
Veer leaves the place. They go to resque Vihaan. Getting the sense, Vihaan can’t understand how did he reach there. Armaan asks him to take the rest. Vihaan is given some medication by Isha and also he is asked to take the rest. Isha goes to the home of Mahek. But after leaving Isha, Vihaan starts searching something in Laptop.

Grandmother of Mahek feels very weak after putting all the efforts to open the door. The memories start to haunt her. Veer reaches to the home of Ahana, and questions her whether she did know that Kavya was not there. Nandini says she ran from the cave from the first day. Veer doesn’t understand why did Kavya return to him. Isha calls Armaan whether he is alright. Mahek when brings some medicine for her grandmother, then she doesn’t respond anymore. Mahek becomes more furious and tensed. Isha calls the hospital. Mahek tries to wake her up, but Naan doesn’t respond anymore. Grandmother expires.

Here, another new werewolf comes out from the cave, Harsh. Coming out in the forest, he kills a human being and disguises himself under a human being. Isha asks Malini about her adoptation history. Malini tells her the research. Armaan come to Veer, but Veer seems very revengeful on Armaan. He believes that Armaan is the reason of their separation.
Episode ends.

Precap: Isha comes to know the adoption history of herself. Here Samir also proceeds to research the reason of her wife’s death. Armaan asks about Sudha’s death to Veer.

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