Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 24th March 2023 Written Update: Armaan resques both Mahek and Isha from their captivation

Episode starts with the imprisonment of Isha. Isha is captivated by Ahana and Vicky. Isha is dragged by Ahana and locked in a room. Isha notices Mahek in the bathroom, becomes senseless. Isha tries to wake her up. Veer is informed about the captivation of Isha. Armaan becomes very disappointment about Isha. Armaan requests Veer to tell about the location of Isha. Armaan also confesses his guilt, Veer doesn’t say anything about Ahana. Meanwhile, Mahek wakes up and they talk with each other. Isha doubts the cave is the reason of all thus tantrums. They discuss how would they free themselves. Meanwhile, Vicky comes and threats Mahek about Isha. He drags Isha to the Ahana. Ahana is asked about her identity.

Cherry asks Vihaan about Isha as she tried to reach Isha, but Isha didn’t answer. Vihaan is invited by Cherry in a party. But Vihaan doesn’t wish to go. Cherry dedicates a poetry to her lover. He is also in her party. Veet goes to the grand mother of Mahek, and asks about Mahek, but she doesn’t say anything to him.

Grand mother does some magic on Veer Oberoy and Veer feels unwell. Isha asks Ahana why did she eager to open the cave. Then Ahana says she wants to save her own mother. Ahana also blames Kavya for all these disaster. She claims Amar sharma for her mother’s imprisonment. Isha feels sorry for that, but Ahana doesn’t care. Ahana says she wants to blackmail Isha. Ahana calls Armaan from the phone of Isha. She asks Armaan and Veer to bring the diary, but Armaan says he doesn’t have any diary. Ahana gives them 30 minutes.

Here Isha and Mahek are again locked in a room. Vicky threats Isha with a intimidating face. Isha gets afraid. Mahek wants some water from Isha. She indicates something to Isha. Taking the glass, Isha gives her the glass and Mahek throws the water on him and he gets burnt. When they both try to run they are both caught by Vicky.

Vihaan also invites Ahana in the party. She is requested by Vihaan to socialize with the people. Ahana says she will definitely join. But later she starts to think about something. Then Veer comes to Ahana, and pokes her. Ahana offers Veer to co operate with her, as she has yogini. But Veer denies this fact. He warns her about Isha.

Vicky asks Mahek about the characteristics of the life of Yogini. Meanwhile, Armaan appears and throws a glass of water on the eyes of Vicky. Armaan asks Vicky to leave the Landslade and leave the place with Mahek and Isha. In the next morning, Mahek is cuddled by grandmother. Actually, her grandmother located their place. Armaan asks Mahek and grandmother to stay in his room for safety, but she denies. Isha offers to bring out Kavya from the cave and they all to open the cave. She says she will talk with Veer. Ahana reaches to her room and sees the Vicky. She wants to be present in the time of opening the cave. Isha goes to Veer and requests him believe them for the last time for the sake of the friendship. But Veer says he will not believe her. At last Veer belives Isha.

Episode ends.

Precap; Veer and Armaan both go to the cave, but Mahek says she doesn’t know to bring out the werewolves from the cave.

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