Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 23rd March 2023 Written Episode Update: Veer gets his dad’s diary

Scene 1
Armaan and Eisha come to the cliff to look for the diary. Eisha says are sure we will find it here? He says yes I know my dad. But can find it alone, you don’t have to be here. Eisha says I will always be there for you. This city is also mine. I also want to protect them. Armaan sees a board. He recalls Kaviya wearing a locket. He asked what is this? She said gift. Armaan said did Veer give it? Kaviya said you think about Veer more than me. Chandrika gave it to me. Armaan said you are mine. I want every breath of yours to be mine. Kaviya said I am yours. They both drank. Veer heard a noise. Kaviya drank the drink and she choked. She said it has Shamtulsi. Kaviya fainted. Vikram came there. He said I had doubts. She is a wolf. He moved Armaan.

Veer asks Ana when did you come? She says I came to a while ago and I only see you fail. I know about the spell break. I heard it 100 years ago. Anand was working for me. He says why did you make him work? She says I wanted that family diary. His family had a dairy. Then I got to know Aman Sharma had it. Now you’ll help me find it. Aman Sharma gave the spell-breaking to you. You want to open the cave more than I.

Scene 2
Vicky asks Mehak where do you wanna go? She says anywhere we are alone. He hugs her. Mehak feels weird. She says let’s go have coffee outside. I am coming in a bit from the washroom. She looks at him and rushes out Vicky kidnaps her. Armaan tries to break the box. Eisha says I hope it’s all worth it. He takes out a pot. Armaan finds his dad’s diary. He says I hope we find it. Veer comes and says I thought I could trust you this time. There’s a hero and heroin and villain you both lied to. Armaan says we take Kaviya outside. Vveer says you lied like always. Eisha is also a liar, what a performance. I know you won’t give me this diary so I can take Eisha. He throttles Eisha. Armaan says if you touch Eisha, Kaviya won’t even come out. Veer makes her drink his blood. Veer says I just need to break her neck and she will be a wolf-like us. Armaan says okay take this diary and leave Eisha. Armaan drops the diary. Veer hugs Eisha. He says are you okay? He tasks Eisha from there. Veer takes the diary.

In past, Vikram got Kaviya arrested by his men. Armaan screamed. They chained her and took her out. Armaan says what was that? Vikram is sad about our first win. You had sympathy for wolves so I gave you sham tulsi in the drink. She has controlled your brain. Thank you for helping me catch this wolf. Veer came there. Veer said you got Kaviya caught Armaan? Veer ran outside. veer looks at the pot. Eisha says my head hurts. Armaan says you will be fine. I am doing all this for Veer’s better. Kaviya is very clever and scary. The men in the village locked Kaviya. Armaan said to Veer we will get here out. Vveer said you told dad about Kaviya. Armaan said no you’re getting me wrong. I didn’t know all this. Veer said you told baba. I trusted you, I will never trust you again. Veer ran after the van. Armaan says Veer trusted me like I trusted my dad. Armaan says I need to see Veer. Malini says to Armaan you stay here tonight. Vihaan comes to him. He says my friend Ana also came home. Armaan recalls Ana.

Nandini and Ana came and saw kaviya being arrested. Amar Sharma came to her. He said all wolves are caught. None would be left. His compass pointed at Nandini. He said you too? Nandini said no Amar. Please let me go. He shouted there’s another wolf in tears. They shot Nandini and caught her too. Ana and Chandrika saw her. Chandrika stopped Ana and said we have to keep quiet to save our mom. Armaan hears a scream. He runs upstairs. Eisha opens her eyes. Vicky is in her room. Eisha is confused. She tries to sneak out. Vicky says don’t even try to run. You can’t go anywhere. Eisha tries to run out. Ana is there.

Episode ends

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