Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 20th March 2023 Written Update: Isha is attacked by another werewolf

Scene 1
The party starts. Sameer meets Malini. She says I thought you won’t recognize me. He says I was looking for you. She says I passed out from this college. Dance night is my favorite night. Sameer says let me get some drinks. Mehak says what is Veer doing here? Eisha says he wanted to come he will control he said. Cherry says are they your friends now? Both brothers together? Malini tells Sameer Vihaan has changed a lot. Sameer says when you lose the love you change. Malini says you don’t know your wife’s whereabouts? he says I don’t know anything. She says so many questions and no answers. Sameer says I keep questioning why did that happen. Malini says hopefully you will find answers. He looks at Veer and says I will. Veer comes to Mehak and says dance? She says no thanks. He looks at Cherry, and she says don’t even think. They leave. Armana say what did you say to them? He says I asked them to dance and they left. So Eisha? Eisha goes with Armana.

The man in the hoodie comes there as well. Eisha says to Armana will you recognize him if he comes there? She says he won’t come here in a hoodie. Eisha asks how was the city 100 years ago. And food? He says you care about the fill 100 years ago too? She says it looks very fancy. Armaan tells her about the food. Ana comes to Vihaan and says dance? He says I told you there’s nothing between us. She says I only asked for a dance. Vihaan agrees. Mehak says to Cherry let’s sit with the bartender? Cherry says he’s not that hot. He serves people. Find a guy who gives orders not a server. Laksh comes there with a serving table. He says hi cherry.

Eisha and Armaan dance. Veer drinks and looks at them. Sameer says to Veer I don’t know who you are. Are you a student? I am the new history teacher. He says I aam Armaan’s brother. I came here to look after him. Sameer says he’s very mature. Veer says I am his family so I come to look after him at wild parties. We came here for each other. Sameer asks were you born here? He says yes but I travel a lot. Sameer asks where have you traveled? Veer says what do you mean? Sameer says I get intrigued when people move. Veer says nice to meet you, history teacher. Cherry says to Mehak I am not having fun today. Mehak says to be old. Cherry says why don’t you go and talk to that bartender. Mehak meets him. H says it’s my lucky day. Mehak says I’ve to prove to my friend that a girl can also ask a guy out. He says are you asking me out? She says do you like Karaoke? He says I like going out with you. Cherry stops Laksh. He says madam you want something? Cherry says are you mad? He says I am doing my job. A loser who serves people.

Scene 2
Ana asks Vihaan if she can borrow his journal. He says no it’s with my teacher. She says why with him? Ana says it’s important. He says he wanted it. She says let’s go get it. He says it’s a stupid journal. We will get it later. Her eyes turn green. Vihaan asks are you oaky? She says I need to wash my eyes. Eisha says he’s not gonna come. Armaan says I get to dance with you, that’s fine. So much happened to you because of me. Armaan says nothing happened because of you. She says let’s do the retro dance. Armaan dances retor with Eisha.

Ana comes out. The hoodie guy asks what are you doing here? She says looking for that journal. You are running after that Eisha. He says she’s Kaviya. Ana syas she’s no Kaviya. He says okay then she looks like Kaviya. I can play with her. Ana says Armana loves her. She’s with those brothers. They will protect her. He says to do your work and focus on your mission here. I will get my Kaviya here. Eisha sees a guy in a hoodie. Armaan goes after him. He’s someone else. the guy calls Eisha and says come out. She says I won’t. He says to come before I break your brother’s neck. Eisha runs out. The man comes after her. Armaan looks for Eisha. Eisha gets locked in the room. The guy comes after her.

The guy is about to attack Eisha. Armaan shoves him. Veer hits him and says what do you want? He says, Kaviya. Veer says what do you know about Kaviya? He says you thought Kaviya only had you two? I was also with her. Armaan stabs him. Ana looks inside. Armaan asks who else is with you. He says I won’t tell you. Armaan stabs him. He dies. Armaan says it was important Eisha. He was a danger to you. Armaan hugs Eisha. Sameer comes there. Veer asks what were you doing here? He says I was looking for someone. Veer says why are you in Landsdale? he says I got a job here. Veer says who am I? Sameer says Armaan’s brother. Veer says to forget everything. He leaves. His trick didn’t work on Sameer. Sameer has chand tulsi in hand. Armaan says to Veer someone else is also with that guy. Armaan says Vihaan asked him to come inside. If a wolf is invited somewhere chand tulsi can’t work. Chandrika made that mantra. She was burned by people but they kept her mantras. We have to find her things. Veer says wow you know everything. Bring it on. Armaan says my offer is open. We go there together. You get Kaviya out.

Episode ends

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