Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 15th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Another wolf comes to the city

Scene 1
Armaan says Eisha, can you handle this truth? Nothing will change after knowing this truth. She says I wanna hear the truth. Armaan says Sharma family adopted you. You’re not their daughter. You are adopted. Eisha is shocked. Eisha says how did you find out? He says I found your birth certificate. It said Eisha Sharma, born in Landsdale hospital but your mom had no recording of being admitted there or being pregnant. She says what else do you know? He says I wanted to know about Kaviya’s family. But that’s very dangerous. I love you, not your face or who you look like. Eisha cries and hugs him.

Vihaan is in libabray. Bahar says to see the wolves attacking these people. I have the records. Eisha comes home. Malini says Esha you hid things from me? Where were you? You lied to me. I thought we don’t hide things from each other. Eisha says you also hide things from me and lied to me. Malinin says I never hid anything from you. Eisha says then answer me, am I adopted? Why did you all lie to me? I thought we tell each other to serve. You lied to me all my life. She goes to her room crying. Malini says I promised your parents. Eisha leaves.

Scene 2
Veer comes to the baar. Sameer is also there. He feels weird looking at him. He recalls his wife was killed by Veer. Sameer tries to control himself. Armaan sits with Eisha. Eisha tells him about the man who came in front of him. She says he was wearing a hoodie. His face was hidden. He was wearing black boots. Eisha says he was coming near me. He says I got this sham tulsi for you and your family. I want you to stay careful. There is another wolf in the city. Vihaan is doing his research. Someone comes with a parcel. The delivery boy comes in. Eisha gives him money. He wears a hoodie when he goes out.

Armaan says to Veer why did you take Eisha to Behra? He says I had fun. Armaan says I know you are jealous because I have Eisha and you don’t have Kaviya. Veer says I have spent a century without Kaviya. Destiny will change. Armaan says you’re so predictable.

Scene 3
Sameer says to Vihaan I read your article. But it says you don’t trust wolves. He says they’re used as a symbol in stories. I did this research from my granddad’s journal. Sameer says I would love to read that journal. Vihaan gives it to him. Eisha says to Cherry what a pretty necklace. Cherry says thank you for gifting it. She says in her heart it has sham tulsi. Eisha says you were avoiding me. But I have nothing to worry about you and Laksh. I am happy. Cherry says it’s weird. Eisha says it’s fine now. I’ve moved on. She says Lakshs still has feelings for you. Eisha says I am with Armaan. Laksh will move on completely.

Laksh comes to the bar. The bartender asks what will you do? Can you cook? He says I will do serving. Eisha tells Mehak. She says I can’t believe you’re adopted. Eisha says everyone lied to me. Mina and Kartik Sharma are written on the birth certificate. Mehak says talk to your aunt. She might tell you about your real parents. Eisha leaves. Veer comes to Mehak. She says what do you want? He says a new start. She says you tried to kill me. He says but I didn’t kill you. Give me credit. She says I can set you on fire. Veer leaves. The bartender asks Veer to leave. Mehak thanks him. She says I didn’t know you me. He says I know pretty faces. Mehak leaves.

Scene 4
Eisha goes home. Someone calls her. It’s the same server. Eisha asks how are you? He says the same person you tried to hit with your car. Who will save you now? You will feel the pain you gave me. Eisha sees someone in a hoodie behind her. she sits in her car and tries to leave. Eisha comes to Armaan. She says who is he? What does he want? He gives her a compass that denotes wolves. He says this will keep you safe. She says this was dads. How did he have it? He says your dad was part of the group that kept wolves away from this city. I knew him. Keep this compass with you.

Cherry makes the painting. Laksh says how are you working today? She says I like doing things myself. Cherry says I never thought about us. He says who knew you were this interesting? Cherry asks what will you wear to the party? He says I have work. She says but it’s a party. Laksh says I don’t have a mom who pampers me. He leaves in anger.

Bahar asks Vihaan how was your assignment? He says I got an A. She says did your professor trust the wolf’s stories? Vihaan says it was stories anyway. She says do you wanna chill? Vihaan says I am getting late so I will go. He leaves.

Scene 5
Malini says to Eisha you can use my car till your car is back. She says are you going to a dance party? She says to Sameer. He invited me. Eisha says why didn’t you tell me? Malini says your mom wanted to tell you when you grow up. I didn’t know I would have to do it. Your dad was coming from the office. A 16-year-old pregnant girl came to him. She fled from her home. She begged for help. Your dad helped her with pregnancy and treatment. He gave a house to her and her child. She disappeared one day. When di and jeju went there, you were alone there. They were trying to have a kid but they couldn’t. You came to their life like an angel. Di was so happy. Eisha says why did they have their name on my birth certificate? She says your dad was a doctor. He made sure they don’t lose you. He made all the papers. Eisha says why did my real mom leave me? Who was she? Where did she go? Malini says all I know is that her name was Sudha.

Armaan asks Veer are you not coming to the party? He gives Veer a book and says our dad’s journal. You were looking for it. You can’t find a way to take out Kaviya from it. You can take my help. Veer says I don’t trust you. Armaan says I can help you take out Kaviya. Veer says and other 26 wolves? Armaan says they will stay there. Veer says do I have to trust you? Armaan says we both know who keeps his word.

Scene 6
Eisha gets ready for the party. Someone is keeping an eye on her. The compass points at her window. Eisha looks outside. She says who si it? She looks at the compass and runs downstairs. EIsha calls Armaan. Veer picks. Eisha asks where is Armaan? Veer says he might be coming to you. He is going to the party. Eisha says that means it’s Armaan. A wolf attacks Eisha. Eisha si scared. It’s the same delivery guy. He is about to bite Eisha. Armaan holds him. He hits the guy. He runs. Eisha hugs Armaan. She says I was so scared.

Veer says how did he come in? What does he want? Eisha says we couldn’t talk, he was busy trying to kill me. Armaan says you don’t know him for sure? Veer says would would I lie? There are wolves I told you. Armaan says who brought him here? Veer says let’s talk to him. Eisha you.. Your boyfriend dances well. We will see who comes after you. Eisha says to Armaan I will be fine. You will be there for me. We have to trap him to come in.

Episode ends

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