Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 10th April 2023 Written Update: Veer confronts Isha about Armaan’s behaviour.

The Episode starts with a fighting scene. Isha feels numb after the fight. Sameer and Veer discuss about Sudha. Meanwhile, Nandini reaches there and asks them what is happening. Veer accuses Nandini of kidnapping Armaan and indicts her as a crime. He also warns her. But Nandini comes across as a fresh rose, pretending to be innocent.

Armaan is feeling very disappointed after reaching home. Veer sees Armaan drinking blood which leaves him shocked. Meanwhile, Isha also reaches there and hugs Armaan. She tries to console him. Armaan feels very guilty as he has to expose his intimidating nature. Isha tries to calm him down, asks him not to feel guilty. Armaan could not understand how this happened. Isha gets emotional and tries to calm him down.

Suddenly, someone calls Isha and informs her that someone has found Sara’s body. Here, the Major Council reaches Sara’s house. Sarah’s mother is consoled by the officer. They told that some animal had killed him. Isha reminisces what happened with Sara.

Here, while Armaan is working to recover his mental health, Veer beats him up because he had human blood. They talk about werewolves, Veer tells her to have more human blood, she must be stronger, as new werewolves appear in Landslide. But Armaan says that he has promised Isha that he will not take human blood anymore.

Here, a new werewolf turns up at Isha’s doorstep, Nandini thinks she knows him. He claims that he is a relative (uncle) of this family. He wants to stay in this house which is not liked by Isha and Malini. Here, the council reports that Cherry was killed by a werewolf. Here, council members discuss how they will move forward in the search process. Then uncle also reaches there, and suggests some solutions.

Here, Armaan comes to Isha and compliments Isha on her looks. Isha doesn’t like Veer’s flirting character. She refuses to do so. Then they talk about Sudha and Armaan. Isha says that she trusts Armaan completely, when Veer tries to alert Armaan’s character.

Isha and Armaan discuss about Sara’s death. Isha fears whether Vihaan will remember anything about Sara’s death. Armaan confirms that Vihaan doesn’t remember anything. After some time they become even closer, and start having some good times. But when Armaan gets too close to Isha, he begins to lose control of himself, revealing his fearsome werewolf face.

Precap: Veer comes and rescues Isha. Veer tells Isha about Armaan and asks her to forget about it.

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