T-Series and Almighty Motion Picture to adapt the book ‘Starfish Pickle’; film to feature Milind Soman, Khushalii Kumar

Based on the story written by Bina Nayak, the film will be directed by Akhilesh Jaiswal and it will also feature Ehan Bhat and Tusharr Khanna.


Audiences will get to dive into the mesmerizing world of ‘Starfish Pickle’ as T-Series and Almighty Motion Picture will join hand to adapt Bina Nayak’s best seller novel into a movie. Helmed by Akhilesh Jaiswal, this contemporary romance drama will star Milind Soman, Khushalii Kumar, Ehan Bhat and Tusharr Khanna in pivotal roles. Coming to the story, set in the picturesque and exotic locales of Malta, the movie will take you on a hauntingly beautiful journey through the depths of the underwater world as we witness a gripping tale of grief and healing unfold before our eyes.


‘Starfish Pickle’ chronicles around the life of a skilled commercial diver, Tara Salgaonkar who is a mystery to everyone around her. Portrayed by Khushalii Kumar, Tara is a strong girl who defies social conventions as she is trying to come to terms with her dark past. Her life takes an unpredictable turn when she visits Guruji (Milind Soman) at one of his trans-parties. What happens when she enters his realm? How does that fate encounter change her life?

The team will begin filming soon and currently, the actors are undergoing a specialized training at a diving school to perfect the nuances.



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