Soundarya Sharma’s big statement on where her fans are going to see her next

MUMBAI:Soundarya Sharma is a well-known name in the film industry. She made her acting debut with the romantic Ranchi Diaries in 2017, and she even had a special appearance in the movie ‘Thank God’.

She has been part of successful web series like Raktanchal 2, Country Mafia, and Karm Yuddh.


But she rose to fame after her participation as a contestant in Bigg Boss Season 16.

She had grabbed the headlines for her love affair with fellow contestant Gautam Vig, which was a topic of discussion both inside and outside of the show.


The actress was also very close to Archana Gautam, and they shared a great bond of friendship.

Unfortunately, the actress has been evicted from the show and her journey has come to an end.

Articleweb got in touch with the actress where she revealed about MC Stan and Abdu Rozik’s conflict and much more.

Tell us about the difference in your life before and after Bigg Boss.

There’s a lot of difference. I get so much of love and recognition from people, it’s so overwhelming for me. I had work before too but now thw work has increased. God is kind.

Where can the fans see you next as the fans are talking about you being in Naagin 6?

I am not going to do television. A lot of things are in the pipeline about which I cannot reveal much. So yes, a lot of things are coming up.

What’s your stand on Abdu Rozik and MC Stan’s conflict?


I think conflict of interest keep happening. Sometimes there are misunderstandings. Things will get better. I don’t know what has happened between them personally but they are adults and I’m sure they will clarify it. We all lived in the Bigg Boss house for 4 months so things keep happening this way but I haven’t spoken to anyone of them for a while now so I can’t say anything.

Do you think that with the introduction of OTT, there’s better content coming in?

Yes. So many new avenues have opened up for artists. There are o many new platforms now. OTT has given wings to all those actors who aspire to feature in a film. After we got hit by Covid, the cinema world had reached a different level so OTT has given a platform to each and every actor.

This was our conversation with Soundarya Sharma. Tell us how you feel about this conversation, in the comment section.


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