Sasural Simar Ka 2 31st March 2023 Written Update

Episode starts with the a weird order by Nagin to the Oswal members. Nagin asks priest and Badima to start the rituals for the pregnancy celebration. Simar screams to prove rejection of her words. To prove, Nagin asks Simar to touch her belly which is the sign of the love of Aarav. Simar gets thunderstrucked to hear her. Holding the hand of Aarav, she stands infront of her Matarani and showcases their unity. She doesn’t agree to listen anyone, she expresses her love towards love. She adjoins that she only believes Aarav, she won’t ear anyone, if Aarav will deny this statement, she will not believe anyone.

She asks Aarav to tell the truth holding her hand, though Aarav hesitates to do that, he expands her hand to touch Simar. Then Aarav says he also wants to show his love for Simar. He also says he is not sure about this. Aarav recalled that day when he felt something odd after spending that moment. He requests Simar to believe him. The words of Aarav leaves Simar speechless. Without saying anything, she proceeds to her room and starts lamenting thinking the words of Nagin. She looks herself in the mirror and tries to grasp the situation. Aarav thuds the door and asks her to come. He also apoligies from her. Here, Badima is again asked to celebrate ritual for the son of Nagin. Reema insults Nagin for spoiling the lives of Aarav and Simar. When Reema is about to hit her, Badima stops Reema. Badima welcomes Nagin holding the hand of her.

Simar can’t accept the the truth. Aarav says he couldn’t identify her. She cries and mentions the incident of Nag. She feels as if she is defeated by herself. Here, Badima starts to celebrate the ceremony with Nagin, then everyone forbids her to stop that. Badima continues the process. Nagin also seems very satisfied. Badima blesses her. But then Badima asks Nagin to leave the Oswaal family as they won’t the son anymore. Nagin becomes outrageous. When she becomes reluctant to go, Badima screams at her.

Here, Simar can’t control her emotions. Aarav asks Simar to let him to explain. Simar didn’t care about anything, but her only care was Aarav. She has lost all her proud, all her believe system. She couldn’t accept him anymore. Here, Aarav also emphasizes that he only loves her. She again feels defeated. The truth will not change if she would accept the truth. Nagin says she will not leave the house never. This damage is will permanent for this family. They leave.

Precap: Aarav vehemently cries to the door of Simar and asks her to open the door. Inside Simar also breaks down in tears.

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