Sasural Simar Ka 2 29th March 2023 Written Update: Doctor announces Simar is pregnant

Episode starts with the Nagin, wants to take the revenge for her deceased husband. The Nagin mixes the magic in the ice cream, and after having it Simar falls asleep. Nagin disguises herself as Simar. Nagin sleeps with Aarav which will break Simar, that’s why Nagin clicks a photo with Simar as prove of their intimacy. Nagin knows that this intimacy will Simar. That’s why she leaves a prove of the night. Nagin leaves the place and thanks to her Nagdebota. She feels very proud to destroy the purity of their relationship and also she waits for the moment when Simar will come to know about the incident.

Simar, after waking up, doesn’t feel something odd in her surrounding. She expresses the uneasiness to Aarav, Aarav also tells her that he has been feeling a abnormality. When Simar is asked about the last night, she fails to recall anything. When Aarav couldn’t see the mark of buring, he asks Simar where does mark go. Simar can’t understand what’s was going. Aarav says yesterday’s night was beautiful. They both feel shattered. Simar wishes to return their family. Simar and Aarav both talk about the importance of the family.

Three weeks later, in the breakfast, all the members converse and chitchat with each other. When Aarav and Vivaan about to leave, Simar offers them some foods with her own hand. Suddenly, Simar suddenly doesn’t feel well, and sits down. The doctor comes to the family and announces that Simar is expected. Hearing the news of pregnancy, all the members become very joyful and happy. Badima can’t believe the news. In tremendous happiness, Reema hugs Badima. Still, Aarav can’t resist the news. Reema overwhelms hearing the news. Aarav can’t understand anything. Everyone pulls her leg. Finally, Gajendra announces him the news. Aarav can’t process the news.

Badima becomes emotional. Aarav finally understands the news. Aarav can’t understand how would he express her joy. Reema and Vivaan leave them alone. Aarav puzzles and giggles about his expression. Simar holds his hand. They both stare at each other. Aarav wants a baby girl, and Simar wants a baby boy. Aarav hugs Simar with love. In the night, Aarav takes care of Simar with so much attention. Whole family celebrate homely their joy.
Episode ends.

Precap: In the few months, Simar could also feel the presence of the baby in her womb.

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