Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th March 2023 Written Update: Nagin again enters in the house of Oswaal

Episode starts with the breakfast in the Oswaal family. Reema when proceeds to Aarav with the coffee cup she is asked about Simar. Reema says Simar went in her own house with Gagan and Reema. Aarav becomes upset hearing about Simar. Vivaan pulls the leg of Aarav as he starts to miss his own wife. Aarav feels hesitated to say that he needs Simar. Again all begin to pull his leg, Reema offers him to go in his in law’s house to meet Simar. Vivaan also motivates him.

When the guardians also permit him, he does hurry to go to Simar. Badima also prays for them. Simar in her own house, cuddles Geet. Aditi misses Sandhya, misses her absence. Aditi, Simar and Gagan all look happy with Geet. Seeing them happy, Gagan also prays to Matarani for keeping their happiness.

Here, the Nagin, disguised in Simar’s look appears in the door of Oswaal. Seeing her, Geetanjali devi invites her warmly. The nagin takes the opportunity and behaves well with Badima. The nagin excuses that she has come here taking the bag of Aditi which he left. But seeing some of behaviour in Simar, Badima doubts her. The Nagin’s hand gets burned when she does haste.

Here, in the law’s house, Aarav reaches and disguises himself as food delivery boy. After fun Aarav opens his face, Simar seems very happy. Aarav asks the kisses from Simar. And Simar also kisses on his cheek. Aditi and Gagan make fun of the couple. Aditi and Gagan both go to the hospital for Geet’s regular checkup. After leaving them, Simar and Aarav start romance. Aarav drags her and stares at her.

Here, Nagin meets Aditi which makes confused Aditi. Seeing the burnt area, Aditi and Gagan seem curious about them. After leaving them finally, the Nagin steps towards the room of Aarav and Simar. Simar doesn’t want come closer to Aarav then Simar starts running. The ice cream falls down in the t shirt of Aarav. Aarav goes to washroom for cleaning the ice cream. The Nagin reaches in the room and notices the ice cream box. She mixes some magic in it which will create a deep slumber after having it. Nagin notices that having the ice cream, Simar falls in a deep slumber. The Nagin proclaims that she will snatch Aarav in this mean time. Then Nagin locks the room with Aarav.

Episode ends.

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