Sasural Simar Ka 2 23rd March 2023 Written Episode Update: Simar deals with Dubroo to save her family

The Episode starts with Dubroo becoming alive again. The jokers laugh happily and says boss have come. Simar thinks she has to convince Dubroo to help her family, he is her last hope. Dubroo says Simar, you are here, and welcomes him in her world again. Simar hopes he turns good and helps her. Everyone cries and asks Badimaa not to leave them. Nazar asks if you have accepted defeat, and says this old lady got a chance to live again. Badimaa gets up. Everyone gets happy. Nazar says she is not your badimaa, but my slave. Badimaa pushes them. Everyone gets shocked. Badimaa sits down on her knees and asks Nazar to give her order, says your new Sevika is ready. Gajendra says you don’t need to do this. Giriraj says it was better for us to die rather than seeing this. Aarav says don’t bend your head down infront of her. Vivaan asks her to get up. Nazar says if she gets up, then she will be dead. Simar senses something is wrong in her family. Dubroo comes infront of her and tells that you stitched me and made me alive, why. Simar says I need your help to save my family. Dubroo asks what I will get in return. Simar asks what you want? Dubroo asks the jokers to go away.

Dubroo and Simar walks towards the mirror and reminds the jokers what they shall do. He tells Simar that she has made him happy and made his life. He asks Simar to come with him. Aarav asks Nazar to make Badimaa fine. Nazar says the game has just started, and asks if you want to see the interesting side of it. She brings milk and keeps infront of badimaa. Other snakes come there. Aarav and Vivaan ask Nazar to stop it. Nazar says I just bite. She signs Badimaa. Badimaa lies on the floor and locks the milk to drink. She then gets up. Nazar shows her tongue. Badimaa takes icchadhari naagin form, as half human and half naagin. Chandini and her mother come there and get surprised to see Badimaa as half naagin. Aarav asks what did you do with our Badimaa. She hits them and then blows green smoke from her mouth shocking everyone. The family members cough. Aarav asks her come to her senses. Giridhar and others also ask her to come to her senses. Nazar comes near her and asks her to do whatever she wants with them. She holds Aditi’s neck, Aditi tries to hit her, but Aarav says we can’t harm her. Badimaa comes to Vivaan and holds his neck. Reema shouts asking her to leave Vivaan. Simar and Dubroo come inside the storeroom through the mirror.

Simar becomes small. She tells Dubroo that she has become tiny due to naagin’s effect. He says even he will become small like her. He says then we can help each other. He becomes tiny like her. Simar thanks him. They come to the hall. Aarav hits badimaa to save Vivaan. Simar is shocked. Nazar says they have become Badimaa’s enemy, now see what will happen. Simar asks Dubroo to save her family.

Precap: Simar asks Dubroo to do something. Dubroo sends a snake who bites Badimaa. Badimaa faints and then gets up. She sees Simar. Nazar comes there.

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