Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st March 2023 Written Episode Update: Nazar kills baba

The Episode starts with Oswal family all coming together in support of Aarav. Badimaa tells Nazar and her naagins that her family unity strength is as truthful as their trust on Mata Rani is truthful. Gajendra says this house is our temple and our honesty is our religion. Giriraj says we will save Aarav, and will search Simar too. Chitra says we have never leave supporting each other, and will not leave this house also. Vivaan says when the tests are big, then determination gets stronger. Reema says we don’t get scared of danger, but we scare it. Aarav says whatever you heard about my family was truth. He says Jai Maa Durga. Simar also says Jai Maa durga. The snake vanishes from Aarav’s hand.

Aarav searches for Simar. Everyone tries to pacify him. Badimaa, Giriraj and Gajendra tell that they will search Simar. Aarav says he can’t be peaceful until he finds Simar. Badimaa says Simar is near. She says she can sense her presence here. Simar tries to call them and throws her earring, but nobody hears the sound. Aarav breaks down and cries. Reema asks her not to break and says how we will search Simar. Vivaan says you are Simar bhabhi’s strength and tells that you can’t break like this. Badimaa tells Vivaan and others that they shall leave Aarav for sometime. Gajendra says we shall leave from here. Reema says Aarav, we all are with you, we will do anything and will search our Simar.

Aarav cries and says I can’t lose you Simar, if you go then I am dead. Simar writes S on the table and asks Aarav to see. His tears fall down on the S. Simar thinks it is wiped, what I shall do now. Aarav says I miss you, Simar. Simar jumps and falls on Aarav’s pillow. She says I am here, please try to hear me. She shouts Aarav ji. He finds her earrings on the floor and sits to get it. Simar falls from the pillow and comes back on the table. She asks him to hear her. Aarav says I can sense that you can near me. Simar says I am near you, we both are helpless and says sorry. The snake charmer baba comes there and asks Naagin to come out, and says you have entered the house yesterday by cheat, and asks her to face him today. He starts playing the flute. All the family members looks on. Nazar stops Chandini and her mother in law. She says nobody shall come in between, if you had called me then I would have come by itself. She says why did you bring this toy. Baba says this is not an ordinary flute, nobody can stop me from bringing you in your icchadhari avatar. She becomes half naagin.

Nazar makes the flute falls down far from his hand. She asks if you have any weapon, else shall I go? Baba says I will destroy your ego and takes out the vabhoot. Naagin makes the vabhoot falls down and tells that whoever tries to destroy the naagin, gets destroyed. She makes baba falls down as she hits him with her tail. Aarav tries to stop her, but she stops him, and strangulates Baba with her tail and throws him in the storeroom. Everyone is shocked. Nazar says this was the small warning, if anyone tries to do anything then their condition will be more worse. Simar comes to Baba and asks if he is fine. Baba can see her and tells that only magic can break magic, and asks her to go somewhere, signing her at light Simar asks where, and asks him to show some way. Baba closes his eyes and dies. Simar prays to Mata Rani and asks her to help her, and guide her. She says I don’t know how to save my family, show me some way. She thinks if Baba referred to Dubroo, who had magical powers.

Nazar tells Aarav that daily one person will die and will go from this world, and nobody can save them, as Simar is not here and has gone very far, she will never return. Reema says Simar. Simar says I am my sasural’s shield, I will risk my life and will not let anything happen to my family and Aarav ji.

Precap: Simar jumps inside the magical mirror. Dubroo’s assistants ask her to make him fine. Simar stitches Dubroo and he gets fine. Dubroo gets alive. Simar says my family is in danger and asks him to help her save her family.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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