Sasural Simar Ka 2 20th March 2023 Written Update: Simar loses her physical sanity

Episode starts with an interesting drama in Oswal family. The Nagin shows a ring through which she threats Simar. She throws the ring in air and Simar tries to catch the ring. But it hover over the air and she fails to catch it. Simar starts to panick. The Nagin mocks her and makes fun of her super caring attitude. Simar loses her sense. After few moments, she gets back her sense but doesn’t understand what she is going through. She screams to see the water. She realises she turns into a Lilliput and Nagin is failing water on her. Simar starts to scream on them. The Nagin holds on her palm and stares at her. When Simar asks what she wants the Nagin replies she wanted to revenge on her.

Simar tries to awake her husband but no one gets back their sense. No one replies her. Simar faints calling them. The three evils make fun of Simar. They just show their evil faces. Simar prays to God to help her. Simar proceeds to Aarav and throws a pin to him. Though she tries to draw his attention but Aarav doesn’t look at her. Getting back the sense, Aarav wakes Gajendra, Vivaan and Reema one by one. All of them awaken, but no one can see Simar anywhere. They start to find her, but no one could see her. Meanwhile, the evils laugh to mock the fragile situation of Simar. They gossip over their dining table. Chandni calls Badima to them, and introduces the Oswal the Nagin. Seeing the Nagin and her intimidating face, everyone becomes petrified.

No can’t believe that the Nagin could arrive in there house. When Badima sees her tongue Badima becomes afraid. The nagin starts to laugh. Aarav proceeds with a knife and threats Nagin, if she wouldn’t say about Simar, he will harm with that knife.
Meanwhile, Simar prays for her husband’s life. Then Nagin says no one could do anything to her. As she killed Sandhya, she will kill all of them. Seeing the fear in their eyes, the Nagin feels so satisfied. She says she wants to give another chance to make them free. She opens the door and asks others run except Aarav. But no one goes leaving Aarav.

Then Badima proceeds towards the door. The Nagin again mock the behaviour of others. One by one everyone runs outside leaving Aarav alone then they close the door. But Simar can’t believe that they could them alone. Then Nagin notices that no one leaves, instead they hold each other’s hand and showcase their Power and unity.

Precap: The Nagin threats Oswaal that she will kill everyone, Simar promises she will save her family.

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