Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th March 2023 Written Update: The Nagin becomes more powerful getting the moonlight

Episode starts with the threatening of the Babaji who affirms that the Nagin has arrived their home already. He wants to hurry up the process as they don’t many times left. The moon also happens to arise. He orders others to close the door as the first light makes the Naag more powerful. Simar, Aarav and Gajendra hope for the best for their family, as no evil could harm this family. They all together promise that they will not let the snake harm their family. They all run errand to close the window but the weather become so stormy and foul that it’s very difficult to even close the door. Still all the members try their best to follow the order of the Badima. Meanwhile, Babaji is dragged outside by the snake. Simar notices in the midst of this all tantrums that the external is fine and calm, the inner environment of the house has become stormy.

Here, the Nagin is informed about the luminous light of moon which they need by her sister. Chandni asks her nagin sister to show her destructive power to all of them.
Chandni asks her sister to do something punishing the Oswaal family. Then the Nagin starts to spray a poisonous breeze in the air. Badima and others start to lose their sense. Though Simar asks other to hold their breath, but one by one all of them lose their power and sense. Helplessly Simar looks around, she can’t understand what would she do. Meanwhile she is asked to open the door by Chandni, so that the air could pass. After opening the door, Simar asks Chandni why the poisonous air doesn’t effect her. Chandni confesses with a firmness that she is not a ordinary person.

Suddenly Simar notices that the blue venomous snake is coming towards her which makes Simar bamboozled. At the same time the luminous moonlight is also glaring through the open door. Getting the gleam of the light, the nag is transformed into a human being, a wonderful lady. The nag stares at Simar which makes Simar more afraid. Then the snake starts to threat Simar with her poisonous tongue. Suddenly, the Nagin hugs Simar and mocks her reputation. Naag makes fun of her gooddy image as she fails to save her own family. She pokes that it’s very hard to lose the member of family. She blames Simar for killing her husband.

Recalling the destructive scene of killing the Nag makes Simar more guilt. When she excuses that they did everything for the sake of themselves. But the Nagin can’t hear her. She challenges Simar that she wants to take revenge and asks Simar to save her family members. Then Nagin proceeds to Aarav and starts to threat Simar about Aarav. She kept threatening to kill her husband. Simar tried to wake everyone up without understanding anything. Simar requests the Nagin to spare her family as no one intentionally killed her husband. But all the process of Simar turns failed. Simar again promises to Nagin that she will not let her do any harm to her family.

Episode ends.

Precap: The Nagin throws a ring to Simar which makes Simar very short in size.

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