Sasural Simar Ka 2 18th March 2023 Written Update: Gajendra misses his deceased wife

The episode starts with a romantic environment in Oswaal family where everyone sing and dance together. Everyone seen in a light mode. Meanwhile, Gajendra misses his wife and Aarav misses his mother, they both are consoled by Badima. Then they all start worshiping Matarani. Hiding themselves, Chandni and her mother discuss why are they worshiping today. They proceed to ask to Badima the importance of the day. Badima says as today is full moon, there will some worshiping. When Badima proceeds to explain, Simar stops her. Then Babaji comes and starts to spread white and red powders along the door. Being curious, Chandni and her mother come to them what’s going on.

Babaji says now the snakes couldn’t enter crossing this line. He firmly says if any snake even try to enter this line, she will surely die. Hearing this words, Chandni and her mother become alert and conscious about the line. Her mother can’t understand what’s this. When Chandni goes to touch the line, she gets electrified shock. Chandni says the material is not their thing. They have to be very careful about this line. She looks so tenses that how could she give her sister entry.

Babaji says he will stay in this house. Simar and Reema thank Babaji for staying with them. Babaji proclaims that no snake could enter in this auspicious house crossing the line. They hope for the best and keep the finger crossed. Then, the original Nagin appears and promises herself that no one could stop her from entering in this house. Chandni shows her the way of entrance. But the Nag gets a shock touching the line and Chandni starts to scream. They all run towards the gate, when they see the Nagin Simar identifies the Nagin. They seem the snake died. They realise she is punished by the omnipotence.

Simar is asked by Badima to bring the snake home to complete her funeral. When Simar brings the snake to Babaji, he says it can’t be possible. When Simar keeps it in front of Babaji, he declares that this is not that snake. Simar continuously reminds them she has seen it before and it must be that snake. Then Aarav sees some false blue colour in the hand of Simar. They understand this snake deceptively entered in the house. Here, the original snake takes entry in the Oswaal family and stands in front of Chandni. Chandni apologies to her sister for sacrificing one of their life. They Babaji runs to see whether there is any blank in the line. Seeing the blank portion he becomes tensed and says the original one has already taken the entry.

Precap: Chandni asks her sister to do something punishing the Oswaal family. Then the Nagin starts to spray a poisonous breeze in the air. Badima and others start to lose their sense.

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