Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th March 2023 Written Update: Aarav is prophesied by Babaji for his upcoming calamity

Episode starts with a accident. When Simar and Aarav return home with their car, they see two ladies are running towards them, and ask help from Aarav holding his feet. A blind woman and her daughter are chased by some goons and they will not spare her. That blind says her husband debt some money from that those goons and now there’s failed to return that. After coming towards Aarav, those goons threat Aarav and then start fighting. But Aarav alone beats them badly. And then they run. But the lady says they will later search them and starts vehemently cry. When the lady laments over the situation, Aarav asks them two to go with him. He also promises that he will arrange accommodation for them.

Simar when reminds Aarav, that it’s not safe to bring them reminding the recent calamities. Then Aarav mentions about humanity and tells them to come with them. When Simar notices a sign of on her injury on the forehead, the girl, Chandi says those goons injured her. Simar stares at her. Actually, thsoe two women are the deceptive snakes who want to reach the Oswaal family without any confusion, Chandi comes to take the revenge and recalls how the Nag was killed by Simar. She also wants to snatch the husband of Simar. Aarav takes their luggage in the car, and asks them to board the car.

Here, Badima is asked to offer the flowers in the hawan to complete the hawan. Suddenly Badima notices Aarav and Simar has arrived in the door. Seeing them together on that time, all become confounded. All ask why did they come so early. Meanwhile, Babaji declares that Aarav will face that prophesied catastrophe. He also adjoins that those two snake will follow them. Here, the two snake(the two ladies) arrive in the door of Oswaal. Badima is asked about the reason of the hawan, she says it was necessary. Now when Badima asks Simar, why did they return so soon. Simar explains the reason as snake chased them in the farm house also.

Here, Aarav welcomes those two ladies, and wishes them to stay in the Oswaal. Aarav also mentions about the poor situation of them. Simar suddenly sees that a snake is entering their home, but Chandni holds the snake in her hand, calms the snake and leaves it outside. Reema and Badima both ask how did she hold the snake without any fear. Chandni tells there’re many snakes in their village. They are brought to the guest room. In the night, Aarav talks with Simar, he massages her feet. Then Simar mentions those two unknown ladies but Aarav tells about the good deeds.

He believes if he did some good work, they will never be faced any calamities. They’re watched secretly by that Nagin. In the night Simar feels someone is staying with them in their room. But when she roams around the home, she notices the snake. In the midst, she meets Chandni who comes to take the blanket.
Episode ends.

Precap: When Chandni goes to offer a cup of coffee to Aarav, Simar forbids to take that and asks Babaji to play the bin for the revelation of the real truth.

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