Saavi Ki Savaari 9th April 2023 Written Update

Episode begins with Manav shows his tuition center to Saavi. He tells her that this is just a beginning. Saavi tells him that his dream will become true. He tells her that they should celebrate today. She tells him that they can celebrate some other day. He asks her about counselling meeting. She says that she don’t want to talk about it. He tells her that she does many things for Nityam but Nityam don’t even notice those things. She tells him that he don’t know anything about Nityam. He tells her that she is not moving on in her life. He tries to cheer her up.

Nityam comes there. Manav welcomes Nityam. Nityam apologizes to them for disturbing them. Manav introduces himself to Nityam. Saavi asks Nityam that if he followed her. Nityam tells her that she is not an important person. He says that he came to meet Manav. He tells Manav that his company sent offer to him. Manav tells him that he already rejected the offer. Nityam asks him to visit his office tomorrow so he can change Manav’s decision. Manav nods at him. Nityam leaves from there. Saavi asks Manav that why he did not accept the offer. Manav tells her that she know his dream.

On the other hand, Himesh tells Raksham that today Nityam got angry at everyone. Raksham reminds him that Nityam met Saavi today. Nityam enters the house. He tells Kiran that he want all the details about Manav. Girdhar gives water to Nityam. Nityam scolds Girdhar for not changing the things which Saavi brought. He recalls that how Manav side hugged Saavi and he breaks the glass and goes inside. Vedika asks Girdhar to keep her and Nityam’s dinner in her room. Meanwhile, Nutan notices that Saavi is not eating properly. Manav also notices that.

Vedika tells Nityam that Raksham made pineapple pastry. Nityam asks her that how long he has to tolerate Saavi. She tells him that she made mistake by forcing him to marry Saavi. He tells her that Saavi is cunning and Saavi made them fool easily. And he don’t know how many more shades he will see.

Manav tells Saavi to have gulab jamun. Saavi tells him that her taste changed. She says that everyone thinks Nityam is rude but he is not like that. She asks him to meet Nityam tomorrow. He tells her that he will meet. He thinks that he want to see Nityam deserves Saavi or not.

Next day, Kiran informs Nityam that Manav’s father was auto driver. He says that Manav was topper always. Raksham informs Nityam about Manav’s arrival. Nityam tells Kiran to make Manav wait. He asks him to bring the canteen caterer because he want to discuss the menu.

Episode ends.

Precap – Raksham saves Sonam from goons. Sonam hugs Raksham. Their scandal becomes breaking news. Nityam tells his family that they can’t repeat the mistake. Saavi tells Sonam that she won’t let her issue, ruin Sonam’s happiness.

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