Saavi Ki Savaari 8th April 2023 Written Update

Episode begins with Nityam tells Raksham that he want to change the counselling date. Raksham tells him that court gave those dates so they can’t do anything. Nityam says that he is not understanding why Raksham and Saavi entered his life. Raksham tells Nityam that he gets hurt when the latter talks like this. He tells him that life is giving another chance to him and Saavi. He says that Nityam has to attend the counsellor meeting no matter what.

On the other hand, Saavi tells Manav that she waits for that two hours in every month to see Nityam in the counsellor’s office. Manav asks her that what Nityam thinks about that. She tells him that Nityam must be thinking to avoid the counsellor meeting. He asks her that if she don’t feel bad. She replies that she feels little bad but seeing Nityam gives happiness to her. He asks her that what she will do after divorce. She cries and says that she don’t know how she will live. She asks him to not tell anyone about it. He asks her to stop crying. He tells her to impress him. She tells him that she won’t do anything to impress him.

Manav tells Saavi that he can’t solve one mystery which is why she still love Nityam. Saavi tells him that, to get answer he has to fell in love. She says that she will find a girl for him. He tells her that she is there for him. She chases him to beat him.

Next day, Nityam gets in the lift. Saavi runs towards the lift. Manav gives file to her. She tells him that Nityam smiled at her today. Nityam sees them together and closes the lift door. Saavi enters counsellor’s office and she greets Counsellor Vinita. Nityam tells Vinita that they can cancel these meetings because no use of these meetings. Vinita tells Nityam that he is bound to come to counselling meetings.

Nityam tells her that he need divorce and why court is dragging the process. She tells him that love can come out by staying away from each other. He asks her that if she saw any love between him and Saavi. He recalls Saavi and Manav. He says that Saavi was loyal in the marriage relationship but things could have changed now.

Saavi asks him that what happened to him today. He tells her that she is changing. He asks her that why she applied nail polish when she don’t like it. She gets happy that he noticed it. She tells him that she started doing many things just for him and it turns out to be her dream. She replies that she don’t know why applied. Nityam asks Vinita to proceed the divorce. Vinita tells him that 3 months left and everything went like this then they will get divorce. He thanks her and leaves from there.

Manav calls Saavi and asks her to come to the location which he sent her and disconnects the call. Nityam tells Kiran that he want Manav only. Kiran tells him that Manav rejected their second offer too. Nityam asks him to send Manav’s address to him. Manav shows his tuition centre to Saavi. He tells her that it’s just a beginning. Saavi congratulates him. He tells her that they should celebrate this. Nityam comes there.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Vedika tells Nityam that she made mistake by forcing him to marry Saavi. Saavi asks him to give interview in Nityam’s office. Nityam learns that Manav’s father was auto driver too. Manav reaches Nityam’s office to give interview.

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