Saavi Ki Savaari 5th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Saavi and Shivam lose all hopes

The Episode starts with Dhruv asking who has called the Police, and asks Shivam and Saavi if they double crossed him. Police shoots out Dhruv. Saavi and Shivam are shocked. Shivam asks Saavi to handle herself and says we are not responsible, they were bad people and their end is this. Sonam comes there and hugs Saavi. She asks if she is fine. She says thank god, Police came here, I thought they haven’t come here. Shivam asks you called Police here. Sonam says I came to know that Dhruv Somani is a big goon, and that’s why. Shivam says you have ended my life and curses the day he met her. Saavi says you can’t talk to Didi like this, she loves you, and says they were about to kill me, and would have killed us, if Didi has sent Police then it is not wrong. Shivam says we have done so much to search Dhruv and you have done things to unite me to my family. He says he wants to meet his mother once, and hug his Bittu. He says I got punished for my mistake, and apologizes to her for whatever happened. He goes. Sonam tells Saavi that she shall be with Shivam and asks her to take care. Nutan calls Saavi. Saavi picks the call and says I have lost, his innocence proof is finished for forever, now I can’t make him meet his family. Nutan says you have risked your marriage and life for him. Saavi says my everything will be over, my marriage and life. Nutan says you haven’t done anything wrong, I will hold your hand and bring you back home. Saavi says ok.

Himesh is scared and sitting in the corner. Dimpy calls him and comes to him. Himesh asks her to take back the supari and says I see blood everywhere. Dimpy asks if you didn’t know about my plan, now it is too late, I am sure that the killer might have killed Raksham by now. She asks him to behave like CFO, and come with her to the killer’s shop. Himesh refuses. Dimpy says else she will ask the killer to make coat for him. He goes behind her.

Sonam apologizes to Shivam and says even I wanted to make you meet your family. She asks him not to be sad. Shivam says you have helped me a lot, but I can’t love you madly, like I used to. He asks her to leave him and says we can never unite. Sonam says to get your love, to get your trust, what shall I do? Shivam says if you wanted to do, then you would have inspired from Saavi. He says if you was even a bit like her, then I would have forgiven you. He says you always see your advantage and asks her to leave. Sonam says if you want me to leave, then I will leave. She promises him that she will never come infront of him again. She is about to hug him, stops and goes out crying. Shivam is also teary eyed.

Dimpy comes to the tailor’s shop and asks about Master ji. His assistant tells them that Master ji died while doing their work. Himesh gets happy. Dimpy asks him if Raksham is killed. The assistant tells that Raksham Dalmia is a big goon, he died in shoot out by Police and also Master ji died. Dimpy says it is sad that Master ji died, but it is good that Raksham died. She says she is not surprised, that Raksham turned out to be a big goon. Some men come there, and applies color to Himesh’s face. Dimpy says she got the car cleaned yesterday and asks him to come by walk. He touches the yellow color on his face and finds red color on his hands.

Saavi comes home. Nityam also comes home. He says I was waiting for you Saavi Goel, welcome. He tells her that 50 percent shares of Dalmia industries is hers now. He says it is a wonder to become crorepati overnight by betraying your own people. He asks her to get it checked by some greedy person and says if I don’t get answer from you, then I will get these papers finalized by my lawyer. He asks her to sign on the divorce papers, and says I will get rid of you, and says tomorrow holi will be celebrated grandly. He says happy holi Saavi Goel. He gives property and divorce papers in her hands and goes.

Later Saavi comes to Vedika and tells that she has made pakodas. Vedika asks why did you make separately and asks if anyone told you anything. Saavi says they are showing their love and care for you all. Vedika keeps something in Saavi’s plate. Saavi says I know you don’t want me to go, but everyone wants me to leave. Vedika says you might have thought of some plan. Saavi says I had tried, but I have failed. Dimpy smiles hearing them. She thinks now even Saavi knows that Raksham is dead, and now she will leave property. Himesh comes there. Security stops him. Dimpy says he is Himu darling. Dada ji asks what happened to him. Dimpy says some men colored him. tashvi asks where did you go, I couldn’t identify you. Saavi thinks if Raksham ji came here changing his avatar then? She thinks to make Raksham meet his family.

Precap: Saavi asks Shivam to come there and see the truth. Nityam tells Saavi that their divorce is at 3 pm. She asks him to come with a new identity. Shivam comes there indisguise. Saavi and nityam apply holi color to each other.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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