Saavi Ki Savaari 4th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Shivam saves Saavi’s life

Saavi Ki Savaari 4th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhruv Somani are trying to kill Saavi. Sonam comes to Dalmia house and thinks if it is the silence before the storm. Dimpy comes there drinking and tells that small storm doesn’t come here where I stay. Sonam asks why she is drinking in the morning. Dimpy says whenever heart is happy, and can drink anytime for the celebration. Sonam says I didn’t see you high. Dimpy says she is proud of herself and says few people play small games like you, and some people are legends to do big things like me. Saavi tells Dhruv that he has done wrong to ruin Raksham’s life and tells him about tournament. He says everyone know about it. Sonam asks what did you do? Dimpy says I will tell you, but don’t tell anyone about it. She breaks the glass and injures Sonam’s hand and asks her to do blood Dimpy promise. Sonam says she is feeling pain. Dimpy tells that Vedika will be pained, as Raksham Dalmia is not going to come, as her contract killer will kill him, and then nobody can search him, neither Vedika nor Saavi. Sonam is shocked.

Raksham is on the way. Saavi shouts for help. Dhruv asks her to give the proof and then he will leave her. Saavi says I don’t have any proofs. Dhruv says then die. Raksham comes there and throws brick on the head of the goon which was using the saw machine. He looks at Dhruv. Sonam comes out of the house and calls Shivam and Saavi, but they don’t pick the call. She calls PS and tells Police that Dhruv Somani, most wanted criminal is in Ujjain. She asks him to go and catch him in Saluja builders building and tells that he is doing drug dealing. Shivam fights with the goons. Dhruv aims gun at him. Raksham tells their childhood words. Dhruv identifies him, and says he is my friend. Raksham reminds him what he has done with him in his childhood, because of which, his father had given his life, and his brother hates him. He asks him to come and tell his family all the truth. Saavi asks him to come to his house and tells his mother and Mr. dalmia that his brother is innocent. Dhruv says the city’s rich businessman is your brother. Raksham says he is still my Bittu for whom his Gattu, was his hero. Dhruv asks him to give share in Nityam’s property. Raksham says whatever I get after forgiveness, I will give to you, but you shall come with me.

Dimpy applies lipstick to her lips and asks mirror who is most beautiful, calls her name. Tashvi comes there and asks what you are doing? Dimpy says she looks like her sister. Tashvi says you looks like a joker. Himesh asks Tashvi to apologize to her, and says if she gives your sherwani then. Tashvi asks Sherwani? Himesh signs as if she slits the neck. Nityam comes there and asks Tashvi to bring them there. Himesh thinks he shall keep his daughter safe from her.

The contract killer comes to the building. He is holding the needle and the thread, and hears Shivam telling that he is Raksham dalmia, and don’t forget his promise. The contract killer is about to attack.

Nityam tells everyone that Saavi will be leaving tomorrow and since she came she has turned our lives upside down. Vedika hopes Saavi doesn’t go and his misunderstanding is cleared. UD says now Vedika knows that whatever you are saying is truth about her. Nityam says all the negative energy will go from home on holi day and that’s why we will celebrate holi grandly. UD says I am sad that Himesh has lost the chance to prove himself because of Saavi. Nityam says I understand and that’s why he offers CFO post to Himesh. Everyone gets happy. Himesh imagines the contract killer about to kill Nityam. He jumps on him to save Nityam, and asks if he is fine. Nityam says whenever I try to do something good for him, he does such things. He goes.

The goon shoots the contract killer, and his needle falls on the shooter killing him also. The Police comes there. Dhruv asks did you double crossed me? Shivam and Saavi tell that they didn’t call the Police. Saavi asks him to come with them. Shivam hides with Saavi. The Police shoots Dhruv on his chest and he dies. Saavi and Shivam are shocked. Saavi recalls her words. Shivam shatters as the chance to prove his innocence fails.

Precap: Saavi calls Nutan and tells that everything will be over. Nutan says you have risked your marriage. Saavi says my trust and marriage will be over. Nityam asks Saavi to sign on property and divorce papers, and says happy holi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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