Saavi Ki Savaari 3rd March 2023 Written Episode Update: Saavi’s life in danger

Saavi Ki Savaari 3rd March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saavi asking Girdhar if everyone had food. Girdhar ignores her and goes. Tashvi comes there and tells that she didn’t have food, as she wants to have food with her. Saavi asks why you want to invite everyone’s anger. Tashu says there is surely something which you are hiding from us. She says you tried to make Papa and my relation better, so you will not break your marriage with Nityam. She asks her to tell what is the truth? Saavi is about to tell her truth, and thinks Dimpy’s sight is on her and thinks until she meets Dhruv and prove Raksham’s innocence, she can’t tell and shall be careful. She says nobody in this house saw the poverty so closely like me and says it is my stubbornness and I don’t want to get into poverty again. She says she has decided wisely and asks her not to search any reason in it. Tashvi goes upset. Dimpy says I will find out the reason. Dhruv has captive a guy and hitting him with the bat. Sonam calls Dhruv and says you regard yourself as Don, murderer, cricket betting etc and says you will be most wanted list as I have proofs against you, and asks him to give 3 crores to her, and asks him to come to Saluja builders with the cash. Dhruv says I will go back to Ujjain. He shoots the guy angrily.

UD tells Vedika that you have made that girl as the part of the house, and had forgiven her mistakes. She says if you will let your son’s hardearned money go to that greedy girl. Vedika asks what we can do? Dada ji says I agree with UD, we have to stop Saavi, the water has gone over our head. Vedika says we don’t have any other way out. She says it will be proved costly, but we will get peace. She asks them to think and leaves. UD says Vedika is not thinking about her son’s betterment, I am Himesh’s mother and will think about his betterment, and will call her mother, whose daughter is the root cause of all problems. Shivam is leaving. Sonam comes there and asks him not to go to Itanagar, as his goons syndicate is there. She tells him that Dhruv is coming to Ujjain and asks him to meet him at Saluja builder’s site at 9 pm. Shivam asks why to believe you. Sonam says I know that you hate me, but not in your heart. She goes.

Shivam calls Saavi and informs him that Dhruv is coming to Ujjain. Saavi asks how did this miracle happened? Shivam says I will tell later. Dimpy hears her. Saavi tells him that she will come with him. She asks him to message her address and says she will meet him there. She calls him Raksham again and again. Dimpy is shocked. Saavi says someone is keeping eye on me. She ends the call. Kiran calls Saavi and tells that he wants all her details. Saavi asks why? Kiran says you want to grab the hardearned wealth of Nityam Sir. Nityam asks Kiran not to get personal. Saavi says I will send. She thinks please give me strength to bear the hatred and anger of the ones whom I care so much. She goes from there. Dimpy comes there and sees the message. She sees Raksham name as Majnu bhaiyya. She messages the contract killer.

UD calls Nutan and tells her that Saavi demanded 50 percent shares from Nityam. Nutan tells that she didn’t know anything about this. UD taunts Nutan. Nutan says she can’t help her and ends the call. She tells Brijesh that she told UD what Saavi asked her to say. Hrishikesh asks if Saavi has filed case on her inlaws and will become 12000 crores wealth owner. He gets greedy.

In the morning, Saavi greets Himesh. He ignores her and goes. Saavi says good morning Dadu. Dadu also goes upset. UD also ignores her. Saavi leaves from home. Dimpy smiles and thinks you felt that you are going to meet Raksham Dalmia, but you will meet his dead body there. She drinks juice. Shivam calls Saavi and asks her not to go inside, and wait for him. Saavi says yes, I will not go inside. He says we will meet at 8:55 pm. The contract killer is on the way to kill Raksham.

Sonam imagines Vedika welcoming Raksham while Nityam, Saavi and others are standing with tears in their eyes happily. Vedika says my Raksham has returned. Nityam says I am happy that you have returned, all my wealth is yours. Shivam introduces Sonam as his wife Sonam Dalmia, and tells that she is responsible for my union with the family. Sonam is happy. She thinks the dream is good, and thinks to go to Dalmia house as tomorrow she will do grah pravesh. Shivam finds his bike punctured. He thinks why Saavi’s phone is unreachable. Saavi takes out her mobile and thinks there is no network here. He gets his bike repaired. She goes inside the building. A goon comes behind her, followed by many goons. The contract killer is on the way. Saavi runs to escape from the goons. Dhruv Somani comes there. The goons has kept Saavi on the cart. Dhruv asks how you will reach Police, Ms. Blackmailer. Saavi says I don’t know you, I heard your name two days back. Dhruv asks him to start the machine to cut her body.

Precap: Nityam tells that when Saavi goes from this house, then all the negative energy will go behind her. Dhruv tells Saavi that he can either kill her or can save her life also, and asks her to give proofs to him. Dimpy says Vedika baudi will be in pain, as Raksham Dalmia is going to die in sometime. Sonam hears and gets shocked. Saavi tells Dhruv that she didn’t come to blackmail him and asks him to leave her. She shouts for help.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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