Saavi Ki Savaari 31st March 2023 Written Update

Episode begins with Police inspector tells Dalmias that he came to arrest them. Nityam questions him. Police inspector gives arrest warrant to Nityam. On the other hand, Saavi brings Sonam downstairs. She tells her sister that it would have been good if the latter had joined them earlier. Sonam tells her that she did not wanted to show her weak side to everyone. Saavi teasingly tells her that the latter showed her weak side to Raksham. She notices Ratna and she asks her that where the latter is going with these many bags. Ratna tells her that she is going to deliver the order. Saavi tells her that she will help her. And she takes few bags. Ratna praises Saavi. They leaves the house.

Vedika and Raksham asks Nityam that what’s written there. Nityam asks police inspector that is this a joke. Police inspector orders constable to drags the people who is inside the house. Nityam warns him to not touch his family. Police inspector tells him that the latter should have worried about it, before involving in domestic violence case. Raksham also reads arrest warrant notice. He says that it’s impossible.

Police inspector tells Dalmias that Saavi gave police complaint against them in domestic violence case. Vedika tells him that he is lying. Police inspector says that Saavi came to police station to write complaint against Dalmias. Nityam is about to call police commissioner. Police inspector snatches the phone from Nityam and informs him that police commissioner is in Kashmir.

Constable brings Himesh and Devraj. Police arrests Dalmias. Nityam feels helpless seeing Vedika. Raksham tells Police inspector that he want to talk to Saavi once because he know Saavi won’t do like this. Police inspector gives permission to Raksham. Raksham calls Saavi. Ratna disconnects the call and she keeps Saavi’s phone with her. She sends Saavi to deliver the order alone.

Raksham tells Vedika that Saavi disconnected his call. Vedika asks Nityam to call Saavi. Police inspector tells them that it’s their last chance. Nityam calls Saavi again and again but Ratna disconnects the call. Vedika says that she will call Saavi. Police inspector scolds them. Nityam asks that if Saavi is feeling gulity that’s why not picking the call. Vedika tells him that Saavi is not like that.

Meanwhile, few people breaks Saavi’s auto and leaves from there. Rishikesh thinks that if Saavi listened him then, it would not have happened.

Police takes Dalmias to police station. Media reporters reports that news. Vedika tells them that it’s a fake case because she know Saavi did not give any complaint against them. Police inspector insults Vedika and Devraj. Nityam holds Police inspector’s collar in anger.

Ratna tells Saavi that few people broke her auto for driving it without licence. She says that Rishikesh went to police station to give complaint. Police inspector calls Saavi and talks about complaint. Saavi asks him to not leave them. Dalmias gets shocked hearing her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Saavi learns about Dalmias arrest and she reaches police station.

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