Saavi Ki Savaari 29th March 2023 Written Update: Nityam visits Goyal house to thank Saavi

Episode begins with Himesh wonders that why Dimpy took all the blame on herself and proved him innocent. Vedika, Nityam and Thasvi comes there. They tries to cheer Himesh up. Himesh thanks them for letting him stay in the house after all this. He promises to not let anything wrong happen in Dalmia house. Nityam says that Sonam did everything to expose Dimpy. Himesh tells him that everything was Saavi’s plan. In the hospital, Saavi tells Raksham that Sonam got courage due to her love. And Sonam did all this for Raksham. Raksham tells her that he will tell Nutan that Sonam is fine and leaves from there.

Vedika asks Himesh that what is he saying. Himesh tells her that he could not do anything against Dimpy that’s why he seeked Saavi’s help. Sonam asks Saavi that why the latter gave all the credit to her. Saavi says that she planned everything but Sonam executed the plan so she did not lie to Raksham.

Nityam asks Vedika that where is she going at this time. Vedika tells him that she is going to thank Saavi. She tauntingly asks him that if she is not allowed to thank Saavi. Nityam tells her that it’s not like that and it’s late night. She says that she will go tomorrow morning. She gets upset that Nityam won’t accompany her tomorrow. He tells her that his and Saavi’s relationship ended. She tells him that she know that and she did not ask him to marry Saavi again. She says that she just wanted him to thank Saavi. He tells her that he will send message to Saavi. She asks him to not do anything and goes inside.

Rishikesh asks Ratna that how can Saavi help her enemies. Ratna tells him that Saavi helped Himesh because Dalmias are her family members still. He tells her that their dreams will be shattered if Saavi returned to Dalmia house then. He hides hearing Nutan’s voice. Nutan informs Ratna that tomorrow Vedika and Raksham are coming to see Sonam. She asks her to make snacks and goes inside. Rishikesh tells Ratna that Saavi should not return to Dalmia house no matter what. Ratna asks him to not worry, because Nityam won’t change his decision.

Next day, Vedika tries to thank Saavi. Saavi tells her that Sonam did everything. She sends Raksham upstairs to give snacks to Sonam. Sonam pretends like she is in pain. Raksham feeds her. They talks about their good memories and laughs.

Vedika tells Saavi that she just came to thank her. Saavi tells her that she did for her family. Ratna says that Dalmias are not Saavi’s family now. And everything is not fine between Goyal family and Dalmias. She reminds them that Nityam easily throw Saavi out of his life and they need not to act like everything is fine between them. She adds that they should accept Nityam won’t return in Saavi’s life. Nityam comes there. And he thanks Saavi for everything.

Episode ends.

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