Saavi Ki Savaari 24th March 2023 Written Update: Saavi helps Himesh to expose Dimpy

Episode begins with Saavi meets Himesh. She asks him to tell about all the wrongdoings of Dimpy. Himesh tells her that there is so many, but they don’t have any proof for it. She tells him that they can find proof later. He says that he is Dimpy’s accomplice for all of her wrongdoings. And he got angry when Dimpy hired a contract killer to kill Raksham. She gets shocked hearing him. On the other hand, Dimpy calls Shekhar, assistant of contract killer but no response from other side. She gets happy thinking that he left the city with the money, she gave him and no one will blackmail her.

Saavi tells Himesh that she never thought Dimpy will stoop this low. Himesh says that he is ashamed of himself for supporting Dimpy till now. She tells him that he realised his mistakes and he want to rectify so he need not to feel ashamed now. And they have to expose Dimpy no matter what. He asks her that how they are going to begin. She asks him about tailer shop of contract killer. He agrees to take her to that tailor shop. He tells her to not tell about it to Sonam because Sonam is with Dimpy. And if Dimpy got to know about his actions then she can harm Thasvi. She nods at him.

Vedika tells Nityam about the outfit she arranged for him. Nityam tells Vedika that he can’t attend navratri puja. Raksham asks Nityam to join them. Nityam tells Vedika that he know she want to tell everyone that, she found her elder son. She tells him that it’s not like that. Devraj asks Vedika to not force Nityam. Nityam thanks Devraj.

Saavi and Himesh learns that tailor shop has been closed. He says that they won’t get any proof now. She tells him that they will get proof from Dimpy. She asks him to talk to Dimpy like Shekhar.

Later, Nutan tells Saavi that Rishikesh brought gold set for them for navratri. Saavi laughs. She tells her mother that she is going to Dalmias navratri puja pandal. Nutan tells her that she rejected Vedika’s invitation. Saavi says that she will go there.

After some time, Sonam asks Saavi that what’s happening. Saavi recalls Himesh’s words and hides the truth from her sister. Sonam tells her that everything changed between her and Raksham after his arrest. She thinks that she has to help Saavi if the latter is doing anything for Dalmias benefit then.

Himesh changes his voice and he calls Dimpy as Shekhar. He tells her that he want money and he changed his number to escape from police. She decides to hide about Shekhar’s threat call from Himesh. Meanwhile, Vedika gets happy when Saavi informed her that she is attending navratri puja pandal.

Episode ends.

Precap – Dimpy vs Saavi.

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