Saavi Ki Savaari 23rd March 2023 Written Episode Update: Himesh informs Saavi about Dimpy’s truth

The Episode starts with Raksham coming to Nityam and asks him to go and bring Saavi back. Nityam calls Vedika and asks her to ask him not to interfere in his matter. Raksham says we are also related to Saavi. He says you have punished Saavi because of me, this thing is hurting me. Nityam says I have lost my father due to you. He goes. Vedika asks Raksham not to fight with Nityam for Saavi and says I am sure that she will return one day. Raksham says if she don’t return. Vedika says she is sure that Saavi will return.

Hrishikesh tells Saavi that he has brought breakfast for her from outside. Saavi asks what is it? He says he brought the breakfast from different places. Ratna says he didn’t want you to miss your sasural, and that’s why brought this. Saavi thanks him. She asks if you all will not eat. Hrishikesh says we will eat but after you. He asks her to give the good news to him. Sonam comes and asks what news?

Hrishikesh says I didn’t know that MBA topper will be so foolish, and says your 12th fail Mama taught such a lesson to Saavi that she asked for 6000 Rs, and she got successful to get it. He asks her to say. Saavi recalls his threat and says yes, Mama I got successful. He asks for the divorce papers. Saavi asks Ananya to bring it from drawer. Ananya gives it to him. Hrishikesh says it is not a joke. Ratna asks if you got it in your account. Hrishikesh says you are illiterate and says 6 months time is given to husband and wife so that they can think and reconciled. He says just after 6 months get completed, 6000 Rs will be in Saavi’s account. Sonam thinks if Saavi gets 6000 Rs then what Raksham will get. Saavi says I don’t even a rupee from them, and tells that she was helpless to ask alimony due to Hrishikesh. She says she will not get any money until the divorce is done. Nutan comes there and says Saavi asked for alimony so that she can get some time to handle Hrishikesh. Saavi says she will not take any alimony after 6 months, and will get this house on their names from Hrishikesh. She tells Sonam that she shall not tell anyone about it. Sonam says ok.

Himesh is thinking something. Dimpy comes there and says she is very enjoyable, some people are separating and some are uniting, and tells that Saavi left, they shall party. Himesh says it is mourning for me. Dimpy says when my plan fail, you get happy and when my plan succeeds, you get sad. He asks if you will poison me again. Dimpy says you never knows. She says Saavi has kept this family members united, now she is gone, I can easily break the family and will have control of Dalmia Industries and house in whose hands. Himesh says your hand. Dimpy says our hands and goes. Himesh thinks to do something. Sonam asks Saavi what Raksham will get after she takes 6000 Rs. She asks what will happen when everyone comes to know about Raksham. Saavi says you don’t know and tells that everyone came to know because of Dimpy.

Himesh uses new number and calls Saavi. He tells her that the bomb blast in Raghuvanshi factory was planned by Dimpy Dalmia and her aim is to destroy Nityam Dalmia. Saavi is shocked.

Krishna eats the food made by Vedika and asks Raksham to thank Dalmia aunty. He asks will you not eat? Raksham tells that Maa gives him food all the time, and tells that he misses Saavi because of whom, she is out of the house. Krishna says you was missing one sister and other is calling you. Sonam is on call and tells that she is happy for him. Raksham asks about Saavi. Sonam says she is fine and will find a way. She ends the call. Krishna says why she didn’t talk any nonsense. Raksham says she has understood now, I will fall in her trap. Sonam thinks only Saavi can help me to get Raksham. Saavi calls on the landline and give call to Himesh. Saavi tells Himesh that she knew that he has called her sometime back. She says when I tried to expose her, but you proved me wrong. She says now I am not part of the house, and can’t help you. She ends the call. Nutan asks her to forget everyone and moved on. Saavi says she has to renew her licence and also has to think how to handle Hrishikesh mama. Later she goes to RTO office and sees Navratri celebration poster. She calls Himesh and says she has thought what he said, and now she is ready to expose Dimpy with his help. She ends the call and says she will not let Dimpy destroy her family.

Precap: Himesh informs Saavi that Dimpy tried to get Raksham killed and gave contract to the contract killer. They come to Master ji’s Shishya’s house and find it locked. Saavi says now Dimpy herself will say the truth. Dimpy says how dare you to threaten me Shekhar and stabs the pillow.

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