Saavi Ki Savaari 20th March 2023 Written Update: Ratna learns about Shivam’s real identity

Episode begins with Nityam tells Saavi that she brought a murderer to his house going against him. And everything is over between them from today. Saavi tells him that she just wanted to help him. He tells her that maybe she is telling the truth but he can’t change his perspective towards her. And they are different from each other completely. She agrees with him. She explains that how much they are different from each other. She says that he wanted an educated girl who can support him in his business. And who can match his image and status. He tells her that she is right. She tells him that their relationship can’t develop without love. He tells her that he won’t fell in love with her never. She asks him about divorce papers. He gives the divorce papers to her. She recalls Rishikesh’s threat. She asks him that if he remember about her alimony.

On the other hand, Raksham comes out wearing the outfit which Vedika choosed for him. Vedika compliments Raksham. She says that Raksham is looking like Nityam. Girdhar says that Raksham is not like Nityam. Vedika says that she want a good wife for Raksham like Saavi. Raksham tells her that God made only one Saavi, so that’s not possible.

Nityam tells Saavi that he thought bringing Raksham in his life was enough for her. And he is ready to pay for his peace, because he will get peace in his life once she leaves from his life. She recalls the moments she shared with him and she signs on the divorce papers. He gets happy seeing that. He asks her to not tell about it to Vedika now. They gets drenched in rain. Vedika asks them to come inside.

Next day, Ratna learns that Shivam is Raksham. Sonam tells her that Shivam is her hero. Ratna realises that Sonam agreed to marry Shivam after learning the truth. Sonam asks her to return to her team and ditch Rishikesh. She says that Saavi won’t get alimony no matter what. Ratna tells her that Rishikesh can throw them out of the house anytime. She says that she is afraid to go against Rishikesh.

Himesh asks Dimpy to not scream or else Dalmias will get to know that she tried to kill Raksham. He tells her that she tried to break this family but she failed always. He advises her to change. Dimpy tells him that she won’t change no matter what and leaves from there. He tells himself that someone has to stop Dimpy.

Everyone gathers for puja and they performs aarti. Dimpy notices Nityam’s behaviour towards Raksham. She tells Himesh that Nityam did not forgive Raksham yet. Himesh tells her that it will take time but Saavi will reunite the brothers for sure. She thinks that she won’t let that happen and she will destroy Dalmias.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vedika learns that Saavi left the house. Saavi reaches Goyal house.

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