Saavi Ki Savaari 1st April 2023 Written Update

Episode begins with in the police station, Raksham tells Nityam that Saavi is not the type of person to do this. He says that he is going to do something and asks him to support him. He tells Nityam that they will be released once their lawyer comes. Nityam tells him that he will tell home minister that inspector Sehwag filed a fake case against them. Sehwag tells them that Saavi gave complaint against Dalmias. Vedika tells him that Saavi would not have done that for sure. Sehwag says that he can prove that he is not lying. He calls Saavi and asks her about complaint and he puts the phone on speaker. Saavi misunderstands that Sehwag is talking about her auto case and she tells him to not leave the people who destroyed her auto. But Dalmias misunderstands that Saavi is talking about them and domestic violence case. Sehwag disconnects the call.

Saavi runs towards her house. She gets shocked seeing her auto’s condition. She cries. Sonam comes there and she scolds Saavi. She shows the breaking news of Dalmias arrest to Saavi. Saavi says that she did not give any complaint. Ratna asks her to not involve in others matters. Saavi tells her that Dalmias are her family and no one can change that and runs from there. Rishikesh thinks that he won already so Saavi can’t change anything.

Meanwhile, Dalmias gets bail. Sehwag tells them that they can’t leave the city. Kiran tells him that Nityam don’t break rules. Dalmias leaves from there. Sehwag calls Rishikesh and tells him that he finished the latter’s work. Saavi comes there and tells him that, Dalmias did nothing wrong with her and they are innocent. He asks her to not worry about anything because he will handle everything and goes inside.

Nityam tells Kiran that he don’t want to give any statement and media can write whatever they wants to write. Raksham treats Devraj’s injury. He tells Vedika that he faced so much in his life and he won’t forget what happened today.

Nityam apologizes to Vedika for not protecting her. Vedika tells him that it’s not his mistake. Saavi comes there. She tells them that she don’t know how it happened and everything is misunderstanding. Nityam yells at her for entering his house. She asks him to listen her once. He tells her about her phone call. She tries to clear the misunderstanding but Nityam did not let her speak. She asks Vedika that if the latter really think she can give complaint against them.

Nityam asks her to not try to manipulate Vedika. He reveals that Saavi demanded alimony. Vedika gets shocked hearing him. She asks Saavi that if the latter demanded alimony. Saavi nods at her. Nityam tells Vedika that Saavi is gold digger for sure. He says that Saavi joined hands with Rishikesh to insult them. And Saavi is enemy of their house. Devraj pleads Saavi to leave the house. Nityam throws Saavi out of the house. Himesh tells Saavi that he trust her. He informs her that he suspect Sehwag.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rishikesh accepts that he is behind Dalmias arrest. He says that he will get double money from Dalmias. Saavi tells herself that she won’t let Rishikesh succeed.

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