Saavi Ki Savaari 19th March 2023 Written Update: Nityam allows Raksham to stay in Dalmia house

Episode begins with Nityam taunts Raksham and Saavi. Vedika stops him and tells him that Raksham is alive. She explains him that Raksham did not come for money but for love. She tells him that he is her favourite and he can do anything for her. She says that she can’t choose between Nityam and Raksham. She asks him to not put her in that place. And she would prefer to die than choosing one son and cries.

Raksham asks her to not cry. He tells Nityam that he will leave if the latter don’t want him to stay then. He says that he will come to meet Vedika sometimes and he will live with these memories. He apologizes to Vedika and moves from there. Vedika asks Raksham to stop. She asks Nityam to stop Raksham. She says that she will die without Raksham. Saavi asks Nityam to stop Raksham in her mind.

Nityam stops Raksham. Raksham smiles hearing his brother. Nityam says that this house belongs to Vedika too so Raksham can stay in the house. Raksham thanks Nityam. And he is about to hug Nityam but Nityam did not let his brother hug him. Nityam tells Saavi that he have something important to talk to her and goes outside. Saavi follows him. Vedika hugs Raksham in happiness.

Dimpy asks Himesh that why he don’t look surprised. He tells her that she failed to destroy the family once again. She tells him that it’s just a trailer and film is pending. She says that original blast will happen soon because Nityam took Saavi to talk to her.

Vedika and Devraj plans to celebrate Raksham’s return. Vedika lists out the things she want to do. She tells Raksham that she will show his room to him. She asks God to keep Saavi happy.

In the garden, Saavi tells Nityam that he is not stone hearted person. She says that his heart is filled with love and pain. Nityam tells her that he thought everything is over between them but she brought Raksham to take revenge on him. She says that she just wanted to heal his pain. He asks her that how can she expect him to live with the criminal who is responsible for his father’s death. She tells him that there is another side of story too. He says that he don’t want to know about that and Raksham is criminal for him. And Saavi brought murderer to his house. He says that she is not his wife, but just auto driver for him who destroyed everything. And everything is over between them.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nityam tells Saavi that they are different. Saavi tells him that without love their relationship can’t develop. He tells her that he won’t love her and gives a divorce papers to her.

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