Saavi Ki Savaari 18th March 2023 Written Update: Dimpy reveals Mohan’s real identity

Episode begins with Vedika asks Raksham that why he did not return to her. Raksham tells her that he was afraid that she won’t accept him and she won’t forgive him. He says that Saavi gave him courage to come in front of Vedika. Saavi comes there. Vedika hugs Saavi. Saavi asks her to not cry because the latter’s elder son returned to her. Raksham tells Vedika that Saavi risked her everything to reunite him with his family. Saavi says that they can’t tell the truth to Nityam now. Vedika tells her that the latter is doing wrong. She says that Nityam will end this marriage today. Saavi says that they don’t have video too. They hears Nityam’s voice. Saavi puts fake moustache on Raksham’s face.

Nityam comes there. Vedika tells him that he ruined cake surprise. She says that Mohan made cake for Nityam. Nityam asks Vedika that why she looks tensed. Mohan makes an excuse and he takes Nityam inside. Vedika tells Saavi that she has a plan to execute after the party and goes inside.

Nityam cut pineapple cake and he feeds it to Dalmias. He tells Saavi that she is getting half of his property and Himesh has no problem with it. He feeds cake to her saying that this is the last thing he is giving her. Vedika asks Nityam to give cake to Mohan. Nityam to about to feed Mohan but Dimpy stops Nityam. Dimpy says that Saavi is big player. And she got to know the connection of Mohan and Saavi. Nityam asks her to not do drama in front of guests. She tells him that Saavi brought Raksham to this house. She reveals that Mohan is Raksham. He gets shocked hearing her and he looks at Mohan. Kiran sends the guests from there and leaves from there.

Saavi picks Ananya’s call and goes out to talk to her. Ananya tells Saavi that Rishikesh threw them out of the house. Saavi asks her to put the phone on speaker. Nutan tells Saavi that it’s not like that. Saavi asks that why Rishikesh is doing like this. Rishikesh tells her that she is not listening him. He threatens her to get alimony from Nityam. Nutan asks Saavi to not listen Rishikesh. Sonam comes there and asks that what happened. Ratna takes her inside.

Himesh asks Dimpy that how she is sure that Mohan is Raksham. Nityam recalls the moments he shared with Mohan. He removes Mohan’s fake moustache. He announces that Mohan is Raksham for sure.

Himesh hugs Raksham and says that he is happy. Dimpy asks him to stop it. Devraj tells Himesh to inform Uma Devi that Raksham returned. Raksham takes Devraj’s blessings. Devraj is about to hug Raksham but Nityam stops Devraj. Nityam asks Vedika that why she did not hug Raksham. He says that he know Vedika did not organize this party. Vedika agrees that Raksham organized this party. Nityam taunts Saavi and Raksham.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vedika pleads Nityam to accept Raksham. Raksham leaves the house. Nityam tells Saavi that she brought a murderer to his house and she is not his wife.

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