Saavi Ki Savaari 16th March 2023 Written Update: Nityam takes a firm stand for Saavi

Episode begins with Nityam says that he trust Saavi and Saavi is telling the truth. And as husband of Saavi he know Saavi won’t cheat in their relationship and he don’t doubt her character. He says that he can’t support lie just for his benefit. Dimpy tells him that he is doing wrong and asks him to think again. Vedika yells at Dimpy for creating a drama.

She says that in this matter only Nityam’s opinion matters because he is Saavi’s husband. Nityam says that Saavi can do whatever she wants to do in her personal time and he won’t interfere in that. He goes inside. Mohan thinks that he is proud of Nityam. Rishikesh taunts Dimpy. Himesh says that no one can utter a word against Dimpy and goes inside. Dimpy follows him.

Rishikesh tells Saavi that Nityam supported her in front of everyone because he is afraid of him. He says that Dalmias can go any extend to not give alimony to Saavi. Saavi tells him that no one can influence Nityam. She says that driver is waiting for them. Rishikesh scolds Nutan and leaves from there. Nutan and Ratna follows him.

Dimpy scolds killer Master’s assistant for calling her again and again. Vedika tells Dimpy that she know the latter all did this so Himesh get shares from the property. Dimpy tells her that she really suspected Saavi and Mohan. She shows Saavi and Mohan’s photos to her.

Vedika thinks that it looks like she also know Mohan. She sees Mohan drinking water the way Raksham used to drink. She takes Raksham’s name and cries. Dimpy asks her that if the latter trust her. She says that she did everything to save Nityam’s empire and leaves from there. Vedika tells herself that Mohan is Raksham and her son returned to her. She recalls the moments she shared with him ( Maa meri song plays in the background ).

Next day, Brijesh asks that how can it happen. Rishikesh talks about Dimpy. Sonam misunderstands that Dimpy got to know Mohan is Raksham and leaves from there. Nutan says that Saavi won’t get alimony no matter what. Rishikesh asks her that why Saavi won’t get her rights. Ananya taunts him. Nutan takes her inside. Brijesh follows her. Ratna apologizes to Rishikesh on behalf of Ananya.

Nityam tells his business client that he is not celebrating his birthday. He notices Saavi and assumes that she came to sign on the divorce papers. Saavi thanks him for trusting her. He tells her that he reacted like that due to his logical points. She tells him that his trust matters for her. Kiran comes there and informs Nityam about guests. Saavi thinks that she forgot to cancel the party.

Mohan asks Nityam that why the latter did not question him. Nityam tells him that his heart told to trust him. Meanwhile, Sonam tells Dimpy that she know the latter is planning to kill Mohan because Mohan is Raksham. Dimpy lies to her that she already know Mohan is Raksham. But she is not going to kill anyone. She thinks that Saavi’s game is over.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vedika confronts Mohan. Nityam gets angry seeing his birthday party.

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