Saavi Ki Savaari 15th March 2023 Written Update: Dimpy tries to prove Saavi’s extra marital affair

Episode begins with Nityam takes the phone from Saavi. Saavi hope that Nityam don’t read Mohan’s message. He returns the phone to her. He says that Saavi may claim that he hurted her. She tells him that she has nothing to do with whatever Rishikesh said and leaves the room. He wonders that where is she going at this time.

Saavi asks Mohan that why he messaged her. Mohan tells her that message would have delivered lately. They talks about the preparations they did for Nityam’s birthday. He hope that Nityam understand him and forgive him. She tells him that she want Nityam’s pain to get healed and she want Nityam to start trusting others.

Dimpy locks the servant room from outside. She calls lawyer and tells him that Saavi and Mohan will get caught red-handed. She asks him to come to house. Lawyer tells her to make sure family members see them together. Meanwhile, Saavi realises that the door has been locked from outside and knocks the door.

Dimpy calls Nutan and tells her to come to Dalmia house to see what Saavi did and disconnects the call. Rishikesh tells Nutan that he will accompany her. Nutan tells him that she will go alone. He tells her that she need him to handle the matter when it’s about rich people. Ratna agrees with him. They leaves from there.

Vedika wakes Nityam up. She wishes happy birthday to him and blesses him. Nityam tells her that he has to go to office tomorrow. She asks him that where is Saavi.

Dimpy gathers everyone in the hall. Goyal family comes there. Dimpy says that she called Goyal family. Vedika asks Dimpy that why the latter called lawyer. Dimpy says that she was hungry so she went to servant room to order Mohan to cook for her.

And she saw Saavi entering Mohan’s room and door is locked from inside. Nutan scolds her for talking nonsense. She is about to leave. But lawyer stops her and tells her to wait until the matter gets solved. Rishikesh scolds lawyer. Devraj says that they should check. Vedika says that Saavi is not like that.

Lawyer tells Nityam that if Dimpy is right then Saavi won’t get alimony for having an affair with Mohan. Rishikesh says that he understood Dalmias plan. And Dalmias don’t want to give alimony to Saavi that’s why they are doing all this. Dimpy says that she locked the door from outside. She opens the door.

She says that she was telling the truth. She asks Saavi that what was the latter is doing in Mohan’s room at this time. Mohan tells her that Saavi is like his sister. Dimpy taunts Saavi. Mohan tells Saavi that they should tell the truth now. He goes to bring the video. He brings the laptop and notices that videos has been deleted.

Saavi tells Nityam that she don’t care about these accusations because she know her truth so she won’t defend herself but his opinion matters for her. She asks him that if he think she betrayed him.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Vedika realises that Mohan is Raksham. Sonam tells Dimpy that Raksham is alive and Mohan is Raksham.

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