Saavi Ki Savaari 14th March 2023 Written Update: Nityam refuses to fulfill Saavi’s demand

Episode begins with Saavi reaches Nityam’s office. She asks Ratna and Rishikesh that what they told to Nityam. Rishikesh tells her that he told Nityam that Saavi is not alone.

He says that he will make sure Saavi gets alimony. She asks him that why he interfered in her personal matter. He scolds her and he warns her to not raise her voice and leaves from there. Ratna tells Saavi to apologize to Nityam and leaves from there.

On the other hand, Mohan sees the video of him and Nityam. He records his feelings as Raksham. He asks for one last chance. He says that he is yearning to live with his brother again. Meanwhile, Sonam thinks that Saavi has no idea that she put Raksham’s life in danger by bringing him to Dalmia house.

And Dimpy will try to kill Raksham if she got to know the truth then. Dimpy comes there. Sonam tells her that she came to meet Saavi. Dimpy tells her that she want to know about Mohan. She takes her inside. Sonam wonders that if Dimpy got to know Mohan is Raksham.

Saavi enters Nityam’s cabin. Nityam cleans his table. He tauntingly explains that what Rishikesh did. He tells her to sit and gives water to her. She tells him that she don’t know what Rishikesh told him and she has nothing to do with all that.

He tells her that Rishikesh know everything about their relationship. She tells him that Rishikesh would have used Ratna. He asks her that why she did it when he agreed to fulfill her demand. She tells him that he misunderstood her. He asks her to leave and she leaves from there.

Dimpy tells Sonam that there is no CCTV camera in servant room. Mohan explains his side story in the recording. He reveals that how Saavi helped him. Dimpy and Sonam comes there. Dimpy scolds Mohan for taking rest at this time. She sends Mohan from there. She tells Sonam that they can get proof there.

Saavi asks Mohan that if he prepared a video. Mohan nods at her. He tells her that Sonam know everything. She tells him that Sonam won’t tell the truth to anyone.

Dimpy tells Sonam that she feel like she saw Mohan with the latter. Sonam tells her that that’s not possible. Dimpy asks her about Saavi and Mohan’s friendship. Sonam deletes the recording from laptop. She talks about Saavi and Mohan’s friendship.

Dimpy records that. She gives the recording to lawyer. She hides before Nityam sees her. Nityam tells lawyer that he won’t give single penny to Saavi but he wants divorce at any cost. And lawyer can do whatever he wants to do and leaves from there. Dimpy hears everything.

Later, Dimpy message from Mohan’s phone to Saavi and tells her to meet Mohan. Saavi is about to leave the room. But Nityam stops her and questions her. He takes the phone from her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mohan tells Saavi that he did not message her. Dimpy locks the door from outside. She tries to prove Dalmias that Saavi is having an affair with Mohan.

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