Reports of Friction In Sharad Malhotra’s Marriage NOT TRUE

MUMBAI :  In light of the recent reports published about actor Sharad Mahotra’s personal life, there is another side to the claims. As per a leading publication, it is said that Sharad is giving his marriage to Ripci Bhatia another chance. Well, this information holds no truth.

In fact, Sharad and Ripci are happily married and have no problems, which eliminates the idea of giving each other a second chance.


Adressing the same, Sharad says, “Ripci & I were approached by the publication last week regarding any turbulence in our marriage and I just did not find it worthy enough to even acknowledge or give a revert to the concerned publication. My PR team intervened to ask about the source to which they clearly refused. A week late, a story is printed with baseless imaginary stories again quoting some “source” from our inner circle. Our families have been mentally harassed because of this. We want a public apology from the publication and the author of this article for false accusations and trusting unreliable sources. We want the so-called source’s name, too.”

He even added, “It is sad to see a reputed publication printing such baseless reports on what a source says. This is so not okay, and we shall seek further action on this.”


It is certainly sad to see Sharad and his wife being put in such a spot unnecessarily. And we hope this passes soon.Inspite ,of my wife Ripci giving clear clarifications last week to the publication they still completely printed something else altogether.

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