Radha Mohan 9th April 2023 Written Update

Episode begins with Kaveri tells herself that she know Damini must be troubling Radha in the office. Gungun tells Mohan that they should help Radha. Mohan tells her that Radha is sherni and Radha don’t need their help. And he is worried about Damini and other employees condition. In the office, employees goes to canteen to have lunch. Mohan calls office, changing his voice. He talks to Radha. He tells her that he know Damini would have banned personal calls. He informs her that he took care of Gungun.

She asks him to accept that he miss her. He tells her that it’s not like that and he is worried about employees. She recalls that how employees troubled her. He asks her that if everything is fine. She lies to him that everything is fine and he need not to worry about her. Tulsi says that she know Radha won’t tell the truth to Mohan. Radha goes to canteen with Gayatri. Employees loosens Radha’s chair and fan. Damini sees that and says that Radha made mistake by coming to her office.

Meanwhile, Mohan recalls that how everyone teased him saying that he is missing Radha. He also recalls the moments he shared with Durga.

Radha and Gayatri returns after lunch. Radha switch on her fan and sits on her chair. She falls down when chair leg gets broken. Employees laughs seeing that and they mocks Radha. Gayatri is about to go to Radha but Damini stops the former. Employees insults Radha. Radha cries hearing them. Rohan feels bad for Radha and asks his friends to stop it. Shikha says that Radha cleaned the table like everyone from Radha’s house do that work. She says that Radha don’t deserve to work in the office. And if anyone saw Radha then, they will think, boss hired Radha as joker for entertainment. They goes to their seats.

Radha gets up. Damini asks Radha that if the latter thought she can rule in the office. She says that Radha is garbage and pushes her under the fan. Radha looks at fan and screams. Tulsi saves Radha using her power. Employees gets shocked seeing fan hanging. Damini realises that Tulsi is helping Radha. Tulsi tells Radha that Damini can’t hurt the latter until she is there. Radha also realises that Tulsi is there. Tulsi throws the fan towards Damini. But Radha saves Damini. They falls down. Radha thinks that Tulsi will let everyone know her presence by attacking Damini. She pretends like crying. Tulsi gets worried seeing that.

Employees says that seems like Radha has magic power. One of the employee says that Radha is ghost. Damini tells them that ghost don’t exists. She orders everyone to go to their seats. She tells Gayatri to call electrician and leaves from there. Radha asks Tulsi to not attack Damini. She says that it’s not right place to punish Damini.

On the other hand, Mohan feels like something bad happened to Radha and he tells about it to Gungun. Gungun tells him to call Radha. He wonders that why he feels like Radha is in danger.

Episode ends.

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