Radha Mohan 7th April 2023 Written Update

Mohan pours the entire bottle of oil on the hair of Gungun, she questions what is he doing before standing up to him. Mohan explains he felt it would drip when she says that she never asked him to make him fry. Mohan offers to clean it and then uses the doll, Dulari informs that her bus has arrived, he says that she is going to come in a moment. Gungun says that he will not be able to do anything, Mohan brings the hair bag and coat for Gungun, explaining he has an idea and then helps her wear it so informs that she is going to look like the princess. Gungun informs her she would have to call Radha today, Mohan tries to stop her but she does not listen.

Kadambari is walking in the office and Radha is following her when all of the employees start staring at her and make fun of her dressing. Radha gets a call so is about to answer it but Damini quickly snatches the phone explaining it is not allowed to answer the call from house, Radha replies even Damini answers the call from the house and so requests that she should let her answer it since Gungun is calling. Radha asks who made this weird rule, Damini replies that she is her boss so made it and Damini explains that there are a lot of people working in this office who have children back home, Radha tries to argue but Kadambari agrees with Damini informing there is no need to be worried since Gungun has a lot of people to take care of her back home. Radha agrees when Damini leaves with Kadambari.

Gungun informs Mohan it is the first time that Radha has declined her call, Mohan says today is her first day in office and she would not be able to work if they keep calling her over such small things. Mohan explains Radha is her best friend so Gungun should become her strength and not weakness, they should also support her. Gungun is worried about school, he asks what is the problem if she misses the school today suggesting they would party and even eat her favorite food, Gungun is excited but gets worried thinking Radha would scold them if she finds out, Mohan asks how would Radha find out when they both will not tell her, he explains she only knows how to worry about them and create situations in the house. Mohan starts smiling thinking about Radha, Gungun mentions her cheek have again become Red, Mohan asks how is she able to se the are red, Gungun starts smiling so Mohan runs to catch her, but she falls due to the oil seeing which he starts joking with her, Gungun says he vowed he would get her properly dressed but can see what he has done to her, she leaves angrily. Mohan thinks Gungun is right as Radha is not home for just one day, he remembers how Radha hugged him and even explained it is not like that she does not want to start her relationship with him however does not want to do it under the influence of alcohol.

Radha stands outside the office of Damini trying to hear what she and Kadambari are talking about, Tulsi exclaims everything has changed in this office in these years. Radha is waiting when the employees who is she and why did she come with Damini mam, another employee comes asking about Damini mam and seeing Radha starts reciting a verse for her, he thinks he has actually seen her somewhere.

Kadambari coming out instructs Damini to surely send the orders, she explains Damini should tell Radha her work as she is going to the press. Radha asks Damini where would she sit, Damini furiously questions why is she calling her as Damini since here she is the boss so Radha should only call her as Mam. Radha once again questions where would she work, Damini thinks she wants to show her the actual place she deserves, Damini instructs Radha to wait here while calling all the employees in her cabin.

Damini is talking with the employees in the cabin while Radha is standing outside, Tulsi thinks she could have even asked Radha to sit down but is purposefully trying to cause inconvenience to her. Tulsi thinks she should go and check what is going on in the cabin so she can inform Radha, however Tulsi falls down on the floor and is not able to enter the cabin, she wonders what has happened to her. Tulsi after getting up once again, tries to enter but is electrocuted again, she thinks there is not even any protection but wonders what is in her cabin due to which she is not able to enter. Tulsi remembers how Radha thought that Damini had something to do with her death, and in order to find the answers she must go to the office. Tulsi wonders what if the proof which Radha is trying to find is in the cabin.

Tulsi thinks she has to inform Radha about the proof but wonders how can she tell her, Tulsi notices the lamp so using her powers starts to repeatedly make it turn on and off. However, Radha does not notice it. Tulsi gets even more worried.

Radha wonders what would they be talking about in the cabin and by looking at it feels that it is related to something important, she wonders what would she do as today is her first day.

Damini asks if they have heard the idiom so explains that this office is like the precious necklace for Radha, as they all have worked a lot to get into this office but Radha got this job due to a recommendation and explains that no one from her entire family is capable to work in this office, she explains the biggest problem is that she herself cannot fire her from this office as her relative has suggested her. Damini explains but they can do it and she wants them to make her suffer so she leaves today, she offers to give the employee one years salary as a bonus along with a leave of one month, Damini asks them to see how Radha is trying to look inside revealing she is eyeing their job and if she stays here then one of them would surely lose their job. The employee says she does not seem so clever, Damini explains that she is not very simple but is cunning, Damini threatens Rohan to give his job to Radha, Tulsi thinks how she knows they all work for her, Sheka assures it will not be a difficult task for her to oust Radha, Damini explains that she should not be overconfident as it will not be that easy to get her to leave since she is really clever, another employee assures Radha would not be able to stand in front of him. Damini allows them to do whatever they desire but she desires that today should be her last day, she asks them to show her the place as the special employee should get the special seat, Rohan in shock mentions she is talking about the corner seat.

Sheka taking Radha mentions she is going to show her the place where she would have to seat, Sheka asks them to wait for a moment before covering her mouth with a mask, Radha gets worried wondering why have they covered their faces, Sheka takes Radha to the corner revealing this is where she would sit to work, Radha also gets awed by the smell and even starts coughing, Tulsi coming thinks this is where Radha would sit down and so requests Radha to refuse as no one sits here.

Radha wonders how is she going to sit here since even the restroom is right around the corner, she thinks how is she going to make her Bihari jee sit here, Damini coming mentions then she should not make him sit here rather should take her stuff and go back home, Damini explains Radha would have to sit here if she wants to work, Radha feels really tensed.

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